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Marriage Equality
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Gay Marriage; it's such a hot topic today. However, have we forgotten the rights written in our own Constitution? have we forgotten that "all men are created equal," and the fact that we all have the right for our own pursuit of happiness?

  Where I Stand

Now, what is my position on this matter? As I’m sure you are well aware from the things previously mentioned, I firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, should be allowed to marry. My Great-Uncle and Godfather is one of the greatest men I know. He proudly was a member of the United States Air Force, and he served his country well until he was honorably discharged. He also serves his church as a pastor, helping at every single event held at the church, and is a devout Christian. I also learned a few years ago that he was homosexual. That changed nothing about who he is. He is still my Godfather, and I love him the same. I am now engaged to a wonderful, loving man, and it breaks my heart to know that, although he is in as much love with his partner as I am with my fiancé, he cannot legally marry, yet I can. It’s unfair. Also, being a singer and performer, I am constantly surrounded by other performers, and a good percentage of the males are homosexual. They are still amazing people, capable of the same love and affection that heterosexuals are. What makes them so different from the rest of us?

Although I am a devout Catholic-Christian, I see no sin in these people. Some people want to quote the Scripture and say that in the Bible it says that God hates homosexuals, and that being gay is a sin. I don’t believe this. I have read the Bible cover-to cover, and not once does it mention anything on God’s position on this matter. How dare we sit there and attempt to put words in His mouth? If someone wants to go down that route, the Bible DOES say “you shall not pass judgment, lest ye be judged.” I am a firm believer that when it comes to relationships and marriage, there are only four things that matter: respect, trust, honesty, and love. I don’t believe that things like age or orientation should really be an issue. Age is just a number, and if you love someone of the same sex rather than the opposite, as long as you hold to those four things, why does it matter? I have seen so much love and compassion between every single couple that is really in love with each other, gay or straight.

Some are saying that marriage would become meaningless if same sex marriage was legal. My response? To put it bluntly (and somewhat sarcastically), it would be such a shame to see the sanctity of Britney Spears’ 55 hour long marriage be destroyed. Lets face it, how on earth can we make it any worse? The celebrity world has already torn it to shreds with the meaningless, love-less marriages! Our most recent example would be the whole thing with Kim Kardashian! We all knew that one was fake to begin with! Look at what happens on a regular basis in Las Vegas; they have express weddings and drive-thru weddings for God’s sake! So tell me, if the heterosexual community has already torn the sanctity of marriage apart with meaningless marriages, how is it that a marriage based on love is wrong because it’s between two men or two women?

A dear friend of mine loved his partner so deeply, so purely, that he gave up everything to be with him, and his partner did the same. Against all odds, through a tremendous amount of sacrifice, they found a way to make it work. How is it that such love is a sin? Why is it that if it is not between a man and woman, it’s no longer considered love? If someone is in love, true love, I think they should be allowed to marry.

A big fear that some parents have is that with the legalization of same sex marriage, it could encourage their children to be gay. Could it happen? Its possible, but not probable. People create their own identity based on many things, one of which is their environment. However, the truth is, it's up to us on what we allow to change us.

This topic is something that I am very passionate about. I see the damage of not having made a decision is causing to society. The fact that we as a country have not decided on this matter is causing more problems than if it was legalized! Just look at the things the Westboro Baptist Church is doing. They hold their signs up saying that America is damned to hell, and that its all because of the homosexual community. If America is damned to hell, I’m sure that is not the reason. Of course, things like this will never go away, there will always be those that want to protest one thing or another. It seems that that is human nature.

The legalization of same sex marriage WILL NOT do the damage they think it will. Our children will not become gay because they see it in their environment. To say that would be the same as saying that our children will become tall if they are around tall people. It will not be the gateway to crazier marriages, because a dog, nor a blow-up doll, cannot sign a marriage contract or other corresponding legal documents. It is not impossible to adapt to new social norms. We do it all the time, every single day, without even knowing it. To say that gay parents will raise gay children is the same as saying that straight people only raise straight children. It doesn’t work that way. The excuse that “they’re gay, they cannot produce children” should not be a factor on whether or not they can get married. What about infertile couples, and couples who are in the older community? They are allowed to get married, right? And then, there’s the idea of children needing a male and female role model in their lives in order to be successful. Lance Armstrong was raised by a single mother. He never knew his father, but he seems to have become successful, hasn't he? He's not the only one – Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, and even President Barack Obama, were all raised by single parents. Someone raised by a gay parent? Actress and producer Jodie Foster was raised by a lesbian mother.

America was founded on the idea of equality. Yet we sit here now saying that someone is not entitled to the same things as another, all because of skin color, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. How did we lose that idea? What happened? We need to return to our roots. Homosexuals are still people, and it is wrong to say that they are not entitled to the same things heterosexuals are. They have the right to marry.



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