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Menopause and Andropause: Living with it

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Entering your 50s doesn’t mean the end of your sex life. It does however present two new wrinkles with which to deal: the double-miasma of menopause for women, and andropause for men. Newme21 shares her story.


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Contributor: Gunsmoke

Newme21 - like almost every one in the 50+ group of males I've had all of the usual symptoms of decreased testosterone - got checked and ended up with a prescription for bio-identical 'T' as they refer to it.

About a year later my wife was experiencing typical perimenopausal sysmptoms - went to my doctor who changed her from synthetic thyroid medicine (synthroid) to a porcine-based product - which my wife like a lot better. She was also diagnosed with estrogen dominance - with her estrogen and progesterone being out of balance. She now uses a bio-identical progesterone cream. The night sweats are gone, breast tenderness is greatly reduced and her sex-drive is better than it has been for at least 5 years.

We both highly recommend bio-identical hormone therapy.

Contributor: imsnowman

Would Gunsmoke and Newme please post some specific names of the products you've found that have worked so well? Thank you

Contributor: removedacnt

Hi imsnowman,

For myself I just use the progesterone. I like Life-Flo natural progesterone. It comes in a cream or spray oil.

My husband uses Isatori Isatest. GNC carries it but if you check around you can usually find it a bit cheaper.

Contributor: Old Wizard
Old Wizard  

It is generally understood that men lose testosterone at about 1% per year after the age of 30 generally speaking. So by the age of 60 a man has only two thirds of what had at 30. That is a significant loss that leads to all the usual symptoms called andropause. And as noted the estrogen to testosterone balance is also severely impacted. When one is 40 to 50 years the symptoms are mild and can often be helped by natural herbs and the like. However the time comes for all men if they reach beyond 60 that the only way to help is to use bio identical testosterone.
Currently there is very little information available on the subject of male sexual aging. Here is one excellent book: The Testosterone Syndrome by Eugene Shippen. Another excellent source of info the subject is Dr. Jonathan Wright. (Tahoma Clinic in Washington State.) I am currently in their program. Perhaps the unique thing about Dr. Wright's approach is that he monitors your whole hormone profile through a 24 hour urine test. Most doctors, if they look into hormones at all, use simple blood tests. With the urine test you can really adjust testosterone replacement therapy minutely.
In any case, aside from the sexual area, it is important to bring your estrogen/testosterone balance in line and your testosterone level back to where it was at age 40. Testosterone is extremely important for both bone health and your heart.