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No Inhibitions on Vacation

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What is it about going on vacation that can totally unleash something in you and your significant other?

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Contributor: VictoriaDaniel1

it's so true! me and my husband are heading to the beach for vacation next week and even though we'd never do it at home we are going to try a three some while were at the beach! I feel so much more comfurtable doing it this way because no one knows us I don't have to talk to the girl after head home and I don't have to worry about her showing up at my house or my husband cheating. Loose and fun is the name of the game not stress.

Contributor: Chefbriapink

This is true

Contributor: Airen Wolf

LOL Sex in the ocean can lead to granules of sand in very unpleasant places...but it's rather enjoyable never the less! Definitely recommend giving it a try.

Contributor: MissTwist

i really enjoyed this