Humor » Satire, Porn, Sex ed: "An Interview With a Naturalist. Or Naturist. The One That Isn’t Nude."

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An Interview With a Naturalist. Or Naturist. The One That Isn’t Nude.

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Last week I went on an Alaskan cruise, and in spite of the fact that I was with my parents AND my child on a family vacation, I still managed to wrangle the ship’s Nature expert into a wholly inappropriate interview for my sex column.


Contributor: sarababe

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Contributor: mara

Talk about a t-shirt - Zombies vs. Unicorns who will triumph...I have to go stake claim to this money maker...or you could just offer it in the Bloggess store - whatever.

Contributor: cocomo

i found this to be very interesting unicorns in all

Contributor: Caroline Pollock
Caroline Pollock  

Now that I've seen a frog suck off a chimp, I have to go wash my brain in pure grain alcohol.

Contributor: Results Not Typical Girl

I wanted to read the article as a whole (or "whore" as my omniscient phone tried to auto-correct) before pursuing any hyperlinks. Now...which link to follow? I'm pretty sure if I was in a horror movie, there would be scary foreshadowing music playing right about now...

Contributor: Reticula

I didn't think it was possible but the chimp forcing the frog to give it a blowjob disturbed me. I won't need therapy, but I'll feel dirty next time I eat frog legs.

Contributor: danahere

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Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

Thanks to one of your other articles I fit into the category of being someone who has seen insect porn... now the frog being forced to suck off the chimp, is that oral rape? Shouldnt that chimp be punished, poor frog probably needs some therapy... I wonder on a scale of one to ten how he would feel. And I think unicorns would win, thy have the horn but they are supposed to be magical and stuff, Zombies are walking corpses... all they need is horse kick (which they would get from behind) and I think they would be down for the count.

Contributor: Voila DejaVu
Voila DejaVu  

You could (and should) make a whole range of slogan t-shirts using quotes from this interview. I would buy every one.
I can't decide which of these would be my favourite-
A hammerhead shark would make a bad-ass anti-Christ.
When a frog is blowing a chimp, the end is nigh. Prepare yourselves.



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