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Cosmetic Vagina Surgery. What the Fuck, Y’all?

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A friend of mine emailed me a link to an article discussing vagina cosmetic surgery. And by “friend” I mean “someone who wants me to forever be self-conscious of my lady garden.”


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Contributor: singersus

So glad you're speaking up on this. It is one of the most offensive calls for "beauty" I can think of.

Another one: My 16-year-old neice came over to my house in the middle of a fight with her mom. My neice was defending her choice to shave her pubic hair into a landing strip because the boys at school were asking her if she had one for them to land on. Defending herself, she yelled, "Yeah, well, Kate is doing it too!" (Kate is 12.)

How will we move beyond this ever tightening circle of horrifying expectations of how we're supposed to look?

My artwork takes this on by showing women of all shapes and sizes as beautiful. You can see it at [] I'd love to hear more ideas about how to make a difference in this struggle to allow/help women to feel beautiful.

It is so oppressive to feel otherwise and takes away from our energy to do other magnificent things in the world.

Contributor: Michelle Foley
Michelle Foley  

Ditto what "mysticsleeper" said! (ok, except the religion part because imo freedom of religion ends where someone else's body begins and cutting off part of HIS penis isn't protecting HIS freedom of religion one iota). If an adult person (male or female) wants to have their genitalia surgically altered, well, that should be up to them although I happen to agree that it's a tad on the insane side and I am sure as heck not doing it. It shouldn't be pressured or forced on anyone, however, including infants.

Contributor: sassyNsensual

have you seen this? The Great Wall of Vagina.....I saw this a few weeks ago and it moved me to much. It's so said that some woman are ashamed of their parts.....when honestly their is no such thing as a "normal vagina."

Contributor: Hurricane Katrina

Honestly, I have seen what these guys call "the perfect looking vagina"... what their goal for the beautiful thing that should be.

I look at those pictures, and think of the photoshopped pron, that I haded looking at the vaginas present in them. All I can say is: their perfect innie vagina looks stupid. You hear that doctors, you make stupid looking vaginas. Your ideal vagina is stupid!

Now then, lets get some girl with an interesting labia. Something with a few folds, and flaps--and interesting patterns to look at. Something that I can trace my fingers along just lightly--like reading braille. Telling the girl some line about being able to recognise her, because of how beautiful she reads like. Then kissing it, with an encouraging word, following by a blow to "cool it down" or a slight lick to see if she "do u haz flavor". Or something. Either way... that kind of sensual encouragement is not really possible, if the girl has an innie--and it ticks me off, as I have less foreplay I can do (what? I more or less find intercourse boring as all fvck).

Either way, that completely imperfect vagina you are worried about? Guess what? That is what makes it perfect. The fact it has all those weird and strange and different things to it. The notion of a "normal" or "proper" vagina just... no, seriously, how the hell can they even put one configuration of what a vagina looks like as above others. Even I could not bloody well do that, and I obviously have a strong opinion on what labia's should look like.

Contributor: LearnYourAnatomy

The point of this article is great, however, it would be very helpful if everyone would learn that the vagina is not the visible part of the female sexual organs. Please learn your anatomy, people! And refer to the correct parts, ok? No one can see inside your vagina to analyze if it's pretty enough unless they've got a mirror and a speculum. If you don't know your own parts how can you be clear about what you will or won't do and be able to tell others, let alone understand what the heck someone is writing about? "Vagina" is not synonymous with "labia" or "vulva".

The referred surgery is not on your VAGINA, it's on the LABIA, mostly inner labia, the part of the female anatomy that resembles a lovely flower of many variations. The VULVA is the whole outer part of the female genitalia. The vagina is that amazing inner tube that can stretch to accommodate a baby's head being born or shrink to fit a teeny weenie. Got the picture?

So please, learn and write correctly about your parts! Your vulva is not your vagina. Your vagina is not your labia! Do you know where your clitoris is? HINT: It's NOT your vagina, nor is it IN your vagina. This could be very useful to know... ;-)

Thank you.

Contributor: Tom Kaloor
Tom Kaloor  

Lady garden is men’s ultimate holy grail of erotic fantasy. Isn’t it better to keep that garden a little wild ,with that bush may be a little preened ,but certainly not shaved off. Even the natural odor of the vagina is a good stimulant for man . Inserting the penis between the labia is the greatest inflection point during coitus. Leading the penis tip ,trudging the pubic hair, into the burrow , will only add to the man’s excitement. There may be rare exceptions. If I remember correctly, John Ruskin is said to have been repelled by the sight of women’s pubic hair, and masturbation was his only means for venting out. But most men are not like him. So dear ladies, let men not deny the pleasure of exploring the garden with its bush, layers and little projections. Any wall will look more attractive with some natural creepers on it , than being bare. The great wall of vagina doe not seem to be an exception !

Contributor: Kat-Troy

"There is not a straight man alive who decided to not have sex with a woman because her vagina “just wasn’t pretty enough.” " ... Actually mend DO do that. And not just like once to me, repeatedly and to other women. I just read a horrifying story by a woman on fetlife about just this thing. I'm pulling this up for her.


Honesty? I might have agreed with you BEFORE I had children. I personally miss my old vagina and will seriously consider a little nip and tuck after I get new boobs.

Contributor: Katy del Moxie
Katy del Moxie  

"I want you to stab whoever it was that made you think you needed cosmetic surgery on your stimulus package."

That's going into my favorite Quotes list.

Contributor: swaggsohott12


Contributor: swaggsohott12


Contributor: swaggsohott12


Contributor: Jo Nana
Jo Nana  

Oh no girl, your perfect the way u are.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

I actually sat horrified one night while I watched a descriptive porn?! (the chick was naked anyway) about vagina surgery. Society had hit a low, now not only are we all supposed to be super models, now it is a race of the prettiest vagina? I might gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

Contributor: succulenthunny616

Wow. Didn't know someone would go that far!

Contributor: Shayla

to hell with what society thinks...the only opinion that matters is my mans, and he loves my cave of wonders

Contributor: no name 1

never do that its so bad for you



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