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Vagina Hair. It’s Tricky.

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Contributor: Shumway

OMG.. poor Mary! Great post

Contributor: singersus

As an artist who paints female nudes, I've noticed that there's an age divide about grooming ones pubic hair - over 40's don't even know it's done. Under 30 wouldn't consider not doing it unless they're trying to make a statement. Between 30 and 40, it's about half and half. I don't know when it became a "thing" - I'm 51 and didn't even know it was done til I saw my first shaved model - strange looking thing, a shaved pube - looks like a baby - oh, I guess that's the point.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

Starfish Vagina! in two hours when my best friend comes home, Im going to walk up to her and shout out, Starfish vagina and then walk away. Im pretty sure she is my best friend purely because I am the oddest person she has ever met and I shout things like Starfish vagina.

Contributor: Danny Higgins
Danny Higgins  

Sounds very staged.

Contributor: Angel Baby




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