What gets you off the most?

Dairygirl8808 Dairygirl8808
What kind of stimulation gets you off the most? Purely curious
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edeneve edeneve
actually I'd like to say G-spot stimulation, but it's not near as sensitive as my clit.
I Love To Fuck I Love To Fuck
Fucking her in all her holes balls deep.
Lvstoplay Lvstoplay
I'm one of the lucky ones that gets enough clit stimulation just from the motions of vaginal intercourse to get there multiple times.
SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
Clit stimulation for me. It is possible for me to get off from penetration but it has only happened a few times and always involved DP.
Rossie Rossie
Simultaneous clit and G-spot stimulation.
epiphanyjayne epiphanyjayne
Clit all the way for me.
spnkegrl spnkegrl
I would say clit 80% of the time, but once in awhile I need something inside me in addition to the clit stimulation
GQdude GQdude
Clit is the fastest and easiest, but when there's time i go for the vaginal
wicked48 wicked48
Definitely clit. I agree is is the fastest and easiest. I also enjoy something inside me with the clit stimulation. One of my favorite combinations is the royal adventure g-spot dildo & my salsa.
Dr Anal Dr Anal
Absolutely clit every time, though having vaginal or anal stimulation in addition can make it an even better O
Boyqueen Boyqueen
Clit, though vaginal stuff feels the best.
lilswitch lilswitch
I'm really easy. I taught myself to have mental orgasms (no touch or warm-up required)
dv8 dv8
penile stimulation
OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Originally posted by Dairygirl8808
What kind of stimulation gets you off the most? Purely curious
Answering for my wife : Clit (lots of it) and G spot stimulation.
LoveReImagined LoveReImagined
Originally posted by dv8
penile stimulation
Noooo wayyyy! Teehee, good answer! Although...how bout combo weiner AND balls?!
LoveReImagined LoveReImagined
Originally posted by Dairygirl8808
What kind of stimulation gets you off the most? Purely curious
I chose anal...but my favorite is anal combined with clit stimulation. That's enough to kill me
toysforall toysforall
Definitely clit action for my wife.
Aesenthia Aesenthia
I've always been a clit stimulation kind of girl. It's almost a curse because it's very rare for me to have an orgasm through intercourse. Thankfully my boyfriend is patient and eager to find the right position in order for me to find that magical O
Jmo2280 Jmo2280
Originally posted by Dairygirl8808
What kind of stimulation gets you off the most? Purely curious
Definitely clit is a for sure orgasm but clit and g spot are the best orgasms
wombo wombo
clit all the way
BusyMe BusyMe
I like anal its good for me..
KookyLover KookyLover
Originally posted by Dairygirl8808
What kind of stimulation gets you off the most? Purely curious
I can almost never get off on clit stimulation alone! Vaginal intercourse gets me every time though!
MrClark MrClark
So as I'm butt/anal obsessed... the most successful way for me to get off with sex of any kind is through anal sex. I sadly almost never reach orgasm during sex, mostly due to how long it takes me to get there and I run out of energy before I do. But as usually as there is a lull while I prepare my partner for anal sex after we've started off with oral and vaginal sex before hand... I get a moment to gain my energy back while I warm her up.

My girlfriend seems to get off through clit stimulation; however, what seems to bring her to a heightened state is penetration with stimulations of the clit at the same time. Most recently I let her try my Lelo Hugo which provided her internal and external stimulations, which she found amazing!! I was inspired to have her try it from a woman's review on Lelo's website. But this will be included in my full review of this toy that should be up early June.

She also had a mind blowing experience recently when we had anal sex while using the Lelo Tiani 3 to stimulate her clit.
Devz Devz
Clit anal double combo
Feb 23, 6:31 pm
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