Sex toys for women from EdenFantasys intimate store will turn your sexual play into the utter bliss.

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Best Sex toy kits for her

Whether you dream of ecstatic solo relaxation or want to indulge in erotic foreplay with your partner, these kits comprise the best female sex toys to bring your erotic fantasies to life.

Discover the secrets of powerful G-spot orgasms with this exceptional kit. The glass dildo with the ribbed texture is what you need for sensual inner stimulation, and the silicone tongue will make your sexy time even more exciting.

The thrusting butterfly vibrator with rotating beads is magnificent for simultaneous C and G-spot stimulation, while the vibrating anal plug adds extra sensations making this kit a dream of delight.

Upgrade your sexual play with this marvelous kit. Silicone nipple teasers and suckers, or exciting nipple clamps - choose the sex toy that’ll please you tonight and get ready to experience exquisite sensations.

It’s all about vibrators in this kit! The flexible vibe pinpoints the G-spot, while its nubs tickle the clitoris, the anal plug enhances the pleasure with additional vibrations, and the multifunctional bullet delivers extra buzz right where you need it - the perfect set for a sizzling hot adventure!

Sex Toys for Women

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