How To Do Kegel Exercises For Stronger Os

It doesn't matter if you're a gym junkie or more of a "couch-fridge-bathroom" routine fan, Kegel exercises can seamlessly fit into your daily life. We've created several Kegel exercising routines with Kegel balls and Ben Wa Balls and other types of exercisers so you could pick one that fits your schedule best and enjoy ravishing results with little to no effort.

1Why Do You Need To Train Kegels?

Your pelvic floor muscles, aka the Kegel muscles, are in fact gatekeepers of your bits. By keeping them trained, you secure yourself from a plethora of issues in the lady department, ease the post-childbirth recovery and get absolutely smashing, fabulous results in the orgasm field. Yes, with strong Kegels you actually get stronger orgasms. But the best part is - you can do it whenever and wherever you like. During your workday, in front of your computer, on your ride home, during your yoga workout, or even when you're lying on the couch, chillaxing (that's our fave option).

2Kegels For Those Who Walk A Lot

If you go to many appointments or just like getting to places by feet, this workout is for you. Choose Kegel balls with inner weights and keep them in during the day. The weights roll freely inside the toy while you move, causing your intimate muscles to contract on their own, without you even giving it an extra thought.

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3Kegels For Those Who Sit A Lot

With that office jobs or simply "behind-the-screen-all-day" activities, you can still get the advantages of Kegels training while paying full attention to your tasks. Just slip an automatic Kegel egg in, and it will gently vibrate to alert you when it's time to squeeze. A breeze!

4Kegel Exercises For Those Who Chill

Do you have dedicated minutes (hours?) you spend chillaxing on the couch? Next time you do it, pop in an E-stim Kegel exerciser. Kegel toys with electro-stimulation will train and tone your intimate muscles by releasing small electrical currents, prompting your pelvic floor to tighten and relax with zero effort from your side, over and over again, while you are chewing popcorn.

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5Kegels For Yoga Aficionados

If you love your yoga asanas or simply do some stretching once in a while, through those Ben Wa Balls into the mix.

The Simple Bridge Pose

The balls will shift and jiggle, deeply massaging your vaginal walls when you raise and lower your pelvis.

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The Tree Pose

Try a simple tree pose while holding Ben Wa Balls inside for extra effectiveness. Tighten up your PC muscles when breathing in, and relax them when breathing out.

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The Chair Pose

Insert a glass dumbbell in and try holding it inside with your PC muscles while standing up, then lower yourself down into the Chair Pose. Repeat and don' forget to breathe. The bulbous dumbbell Kegel exerciser will move around, providing thorough massaging stimulation.

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6Kegels For Those Who Orgasm - aka For All

During sex and especially at the moment of climax, your PC muscles are contracting actively, making it the ultimate and the most effective Kegel workout. To have your orgasmic exercise at hand at all times, try vibrating eggs - they give smashing sensations with superb results - along with a major orgasmic charge.

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7How To Make Your Workouts Better?

Take your time

If you're just starting on Kegels, go from light to heavy options, as well as switching from thicker toys to thinner ones, learning to hold them in place and gradually gaining the power to control your pleasure.


When inserting the toy, use lube for an effortless slip-in. Check out our collection of lubricants to pick a bottle you can carry around in your purse.

Get sexy

Kegel exercisers can bring massive erotic pleasure. Vibrating ones tease your sweet spots, dumbbells can be fantastic for thrusting. Mix business with pleasure by adding a clitoral massager.

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