4 Effortless Ways To Do Kegels And Enjoy Better Sex

Do you want a stronger pelvic floor and intense orgasms, while spending little time and effort on achieving those goals? Learn how to match Kegel toys to your lifestyle and enjoy amazing results.

1. The free fall

The free fall

If you walk a lot during the day, Kegel balls with inner weights will be your perfect choice. The weights roll freely inside the toy while you move, causing your intimate muscles to contract on their own.

2. The charge up

The charge up

While you rest after a long day, Kegel toys with electro-stimulation will train your intimate muscles for you. They work your pelvic floor with small electrical currents, prompting your PC muscles to tighten and relax with zero effort from your side.

3. The ball lull

The ball lull

If you’re into yoga or simple stretching, try the “bridge pose” while having ben wa balls inside - the balls will deeply massage your vaginal walls when you raise and lower your pelvis.

4. The orgasm bliss

The orgasm bliss

During sex and especially at the moment of climax, your PC muscles are contracting actively, making it the ultimate and the most effective Kegel workout. To have your orgasmic exercise at hand at all times, try vibrating eggs - they give amazing sensations with effective results.

Level up your effort

Try a simple tree pose while holding Ben Wa Balls inside for extra effectiveness. Tighten up your PC muscles when breathing in, and relax them when breathing out.

Choose automatic Kegel exercisers that will emit gentle vibration to signal you when it’s time to tighten up.

Insert a glass dumbbell in and try holding it inside with your PC muscles while standing up - the bulbous dumbbell will move around, providing deep stimulation and significantly strengthening your intimate muscles.

Tips for better experience

Take your time

Take your time

If you're just starting on Kegels, go from light to heavy options, as well as switching from thicker toys to thinner ones, learning to hold them in place and gradually gaining the power to control your pleasure.



When inserting the toy, use lube for an effortless slip-in.

Get sexy

Get sexy

Kegel exercisers can bring massive erotic pleasure. Vibrating ones tease your sweet spots, dumbbells can be fantastic for thrusting. Mix business with pleasure by adding a clitoral massager.

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