Health Benefits Of Sex

Sex not only feels good, but it’s also actually good for you! Want to know how having a healthy sex life can improve your physical well being? Read on our list of health benefits of sex and find out how better loving leads to better living.


Lower Risk Of
A Heart Attack

A study in the American Journal of Cardiology shows that men who enjoyed intimacy at least twice a week were much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than men who have sex less often. Making love more often will keep your heart healthy.


Better Smarts

According to scientists, an increased sexual response may result in higher mental capacity. That’s because two byproducts of sexual arousal are adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones activate cell division in gray matter. Thus one of the great sex benefits you get is boosted brainpower and robust mental health.

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Stronger Immune

According to new research, people who enjoy intimacy regularly have better immune responses and get sick less often. Frequent sex triggers the body’s natural defenses, causing the production of a particular antibody that defends the immune system against germs and viruses.


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Improved Women's
Bladder Control

Women’s pelvic floor muscles also get health benefits from good sex. Reaching climax causes the muscles to contract, strengthening them for better control and stronger sensations.

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Libido Boost

For women, intimacy increases lubrication, blood flow, and muscles elasticity, all of which intensifies pleasure and enhances the desire. For men, regular sex improves stamina, allowing them to last longer in bed. Mixing C-spot stimulation with a strong erection is a positive health benefit!


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Lowered Risk Of
A Prostate Cancer

Studies show that men who ejaculate frequently (at least 21 times per month) and those who regularly receive P-spot massage are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Use this sex benefit to make your life longer!


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Less Pain

Many women report that masturbating to climax helps reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and even headache. Does a C-spot orgasm guarantees full pain-relief? Maybe not, but it will certainly distract from what ails you.

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Improved Sense
Of Smell

After orgasm, the body produces a hormone called prolactin, which is responsible for creating neurons in the part of the brain that controls how we perceive and react to odors.


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Better Sleep

Health benefits of sex are evident for those who have insomnia: hormone prolactin not only helps in the creation of neurons but also induces feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. Can’t sleep? One-two rousing climaxes is what you need. After getting them a stressful, sleepless night is guaranteed.


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Better Skin

Can a human orgasm replace Botox? Yes! Thanks to particular hormones that are released during intercourse that make your hair look shiny, and keep skin looking elastic and glowing, people between the ages of 40 and 50 who had sex on average 50% more than their counterparts tended to look a whole lot younger.


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Weight Loss

An increased heart rate translates to more calories being burned. While an orgasm itself only burns around three calories, everything that goes on before and after eats up more than 150 calories on average. As a bonus health benefit, sex tones the muscles in several major groups.


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Improved Men's Potency

To keep a car running smoothly you’ve got to drive it. The same goes for your penis. The more sex you have, the better your sexual health will be — especially when it comes to getting it up. You get a great benefit for your health every time you masturbate to climax: doing it regularly will cut your chances of ever facing erectile dysfunction problems.

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Stress Reduction

Sexual arousal and orgasms both effectively relieve stress and anxiety by releasing a series of naturally occurring chemicals in the body that rev up your brain’s pleasure and reward system.


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Lower Risk Of
Breast Cancer

Get those titties into play! Nipple stimulation brings a huge benefit for your health because it launches the cancer-cell-fighting hormone oxytocin. This hormone is proven to reduce the size of tumors, making foreplay with nipple teasing a must!


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