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Product: Very warm lubricant
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What makes it awesome

  • Enhance your sensation with this water-based lubricant, designed to glide on through your intimate moments with its gentle and comforting heat.
  • Enjoy a decadent friction-free experience with its plant-based glycerin formula, providing a silky smooth texture without any sticky residue.
  • Use worry-free with toys and condoms - the water base is not only non-sticky and easy to wash off - but it's also silicone and latex-friendly.
  • Apply this warming lube on your fun places and other parts of your body that crave arousal - like nipples. The mess-free formula makes it perfect for whole-body exploration.

A closer look

Picture yourself in your partner's warm embrace, the anticipation building, the pulse thrumming through both of you. To get in the flow of things, so to speak, you reach for this classic, simple, but irreplaceable warming water-based lubricant - and you know it's going to feel amazing.
With simple application, the warming sensation envelops your and your partner's senses, heightening every caress, every kiss. With each glide, you get enveloped in its silky smooth texture, and slowly, it's everywhere, making every touch and every graze feel electric. And with its ethereal, light essence and easy cleanup, you get to focus solely on what's sliding between you and your partner.

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Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

Catalog ID: ET12122

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