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God Loves Sex Too

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We've basically been told sex is wrong all our lives. A lot of us have grown up under the impression that God views all sex -- even between a married couple -- as dirty. Despite the need to re-inform, we shouldn't be spending our love-making time feeling guilt because in our hearts it feels like we're sinning. Guess what? God loves sex too! The idea that God is opposed to sex is false, and I'm here to tell you how I happen to come to this conclusion.

  My conclusions on is God opposed to sex?

When you think about it, you may find that your guilt over sex with your spouse was wasted. I think those who have felt guilt over indulging in their love-making may find relief in this.

Why would God not want his people to enjoy sex? Why would he mean for sex to be only a job for a woman? Because he created women to be beneath or less than the male? In fact, he didn’t create either to be over one another, as many of us are led to believe. God created us equally and sees us as equals. Neither female nor male is held higher above the other in God’s eyes. That's right. It's time to stop believing that a woman is nothing more than a hole to dispose of seed and bear offspring. Not that any of you believe this way, but believe it or not, so many people do! They simply do not know differently.

Another thing that leads me to believe that God never viewed sex as wrongful: The book of Solomon is somewhat sexually explicit – so much so that years ago, it wasn’t to be read until one turned thirty years of age (in some religions, seventeen) or was married, but you mean to tell me God thinks sex is dirty?

Some of the verses in Solomon clearly show that sex has always been something intimate and immensely pleasurable for a couple as well as a necessity, in the way that sex bonds you and your spouse. One particular verse can even be depicted as speaking of the act of oral sex, and in a good way! It’s actually described as something “precious” and “beautiful.” In particular verses, a couple’s erotically detailed desires hold so much passion and love in their words – something that’s rare these days.

In the bible, God has given concise commands for a couple to be intimate with each other, and often. Yet studies show that some still feel guilt over love-making with their spouse! A survey in 1994 by Edward O. Laumann revealed that 2.8 percent of married people feel guilty after having sex! Of course that was some time ago since we’re living in 2012 now, but it still shows that married people feel guilty for participating in something that God gifted us, something that should be pleasurable.

The number of people who are married and ashamed to have sex is baffling. Knowing there are people who feel a pang of guilt after having a nice, heart racing session in bed with their own spouse makes me sad. I’d hate to have a cloud of doom hang over our love-making bed after enjoying ourselves in something that’s actually healthy!

It’s also sad that this isn’t discussed more and that there are still people who’ve been married but unable to fully enjoy themselves sexually because they’ve been under the impression that God wouldn’t approve. Although your pastor may give you mini assignments to put a smile on a stranger’s face Sunday night, it’s not likely that your pastor has ever ended his/her sermon assigning the adults to put a smile on their own spouse’s face – with a good, breath taking round of sex.

You don’t need your pastor to tell you. Thankfully, God loves sex too! All you need is to learn what God truly feels about sex, and if it helps, read those scriptures yourself. Read them with your spouse, (because believe me, Solomon can certainly wake up those senses!) and then have yourselves that healthy round of wild sex you’ve always wanted but were afraid to allow yourselves the luxury. Only this time, do it knowing that it is your blessing from God, and not something you have to feel guilt over afterward!


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