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12 Things That Increase Fertility
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Since writing about my miscarriage, some of you have asked if I knew how to increase the chances of fertility. Soon after that, I began writing a few of the things that I had stored in my mind. Now, I've finally found the time to sit down and share those thoughts.

  Herbs That May Increase Fertility

For my fellow herb lovers who like to get a kind of all-in-one deal, nettles are a great way to get your calcium, iron, and folic acid in. Even better, nettles are said to be nourishing to the reproductive system, and they can even aid in implantation and cell division. They can also possibly help prevent birth defects.

Damiana is another herb that's widely found in aphrodisiac/energy supplements, such as Shunga's Energy Supplement, which is a drink designed for increasing arousal and energy. My partner loves the male Shunga Energy Supplement, and I have had the female version. Damiana increases both the male and female's chances of fertility. It is also considered a nourishing herb for the reproductive system.

There are plenty of other herbs that have a reputation for aiding in fertility, but to keep things short, we'll stop at these.


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Contributor: Pete's Princess

Great article. I was surprised that Coffee is good for male fertility but not good for female fertility.



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