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A Stripper’s Guide to Seduction
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Men are visually stimulated and predisposed to longing to spread their seed. This appeal is on a purely instinctual level. Women are sexual creatures who are instinctual exhibitionists who are aroused when a man desires them. Often times, by playing a sexual charged game of cat and mouse, she explores her own lusts and temptations.

With these tips you can open the door to new experiences during your playtime that both you and your partner are sure to love.


Great article and thanks for sharing those tips i will surely try and apply them at home with my boyfriends

By the way, great writing, almost reminded me of Carrie does on Sex and the City!


I never really thought about it.....I will definatly be trying this out next time I'm home before my girlfriend/fiance.


me and my husband started our relationship off of sex we fucked 10 to 12 times a day in the early years then I got pregnant with my 1st child and my hungry for sex during my pregnancy was uncontrollable so we had a few 3somes now it like the only way for me to get turned on is roleplaying I feel as I have gotten bored with having sex with him and that isn't good im not craving another person(we have a very open marriage) I just want our sex life to be good again any tips for me?



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