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My Journey of Self Discovery
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I've always been awkward, a prisoner only to my own anxieties and fears. I don't have legitimate fear of harm, but I fear what people might think of me.


Contributor: Life is good

What a great article. I'm not the only one! My triggers were different but I followed the same path. Our marriage saver, and my personal release, was discovering sex toys when I hit menopause. I learned how to masterbate, enjoy pleasure, and found the door that opened us up to each other. Thank you for the affirmation.

Contributor: Jamesey

It's so relieving to get rid of the hurt that came from him masturbating and it's amazing to feel accepted and challenged by him instead of ashamed. I love the communication we share now! I'm glad you like the article!

Contributor: Cinnyree

hmm i wonder if it could be that easy for me...