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Bipolar: Living upside down
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The world is hard enough to figure out without the instability of bipolar. Up and down, insanity and complete clarity. My mind is constantly betraying me. My emotions- are they real or are they exaggerated? Normal situations become a puzzle, always wondering what's reality and what is strictly emotional. This is my story of finding BALANCE in an otherwise upside down world.


Contributor: Cinnyree

i have not been diagnosed as bi-polar but it has been hinted frequently that i am. Life is hard but it gets even harder when i act on my whims. great article

Contributor: Airen Wolf

I have just been diagnosed as having bi-polar tendencies. I am impulsive and self destructive. I am only now seeing the signs that were there all my life. I have a name for why I was so horribly misunderstood and why I acted the way I did.
For me it seems the pills will help and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally. I know how hard it is to sit and wonder about thoughts that seem to spring out of nowhere and other thoughts that should be readily available that seem to run and hide like a fleeting fox.
I hope you find your balance and I'm so happy you recognize there is a problem and are working on it. Be gentle with yourself and take it one mishap at a time.

Contributor: mandiangel

wow you just covered my life in a nutshell, the meds help control it but its still there everyday.
thank you for sharing, i never imagined anyone could ever understand where i was comming from

Contributor: countrycutie

You're an amazing woman! I am also bipolar and understand your struggles. Stay strong and keep smiling!