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Combating Cat Interference In Your Sex Life

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You have a cat, you know the deal: ownership goes both ways. Your furry companion has some ideas about when and how you should offer up affection, entertainment, and snacks. Often, those of us with cats fancy ourselves as the center of their universe, while they seem to think of us as personal assistants barely earning our keep—and that can make bedroom shenanigans complicated, to say the least.


Contributor: viciouschristine

Haha, this was a great read and so very, very easy to relate to. The first few weeks we had our cat, both sex and masturbation were *incredibly* awkward. I'd never had an indoor cat before, and having those giant, round, green eyes watching me have sex with my husband was unnerving, and the cat once bit me on the butt in order to get my attention while I was masturbating. We seem to have worked out an arrangement, though, and he now stays out of the bedroom if he senses anything happening, then comes in immediately after we've finished.

Contributor: Jobthingy

LOL! My cat likes the noise of a vibrator! I dont know what the hell she thinks it is but she wants to play with it. So here I will be teaching myself a lesson under my duvet when.. *pounce* right on my hoo haw. no joke.

Contributor: tigerkate

LOL, well, I use the spray bottle. Kitty quickly runs away and hides for a while.
I tried ignoring my cat, like "No big deal." But then... he plopped down on the side of the bed and seemed to be WATCHING. creepy.

Contributor: Sweet-Justice

Oh wow. Glad I'm not the only one with cat problems. My cats more or less "Like to watch" they sometimes just sit at the edge of the bed and watch my wife and I. Its a little creepy I must say.
But then they're are times when her cat will come straight up to you and she tries to bite your neck and or nipples(If they are available) and or lick your ear. THAT is a horrid distraction that makes us all un-comfy. We usually have to shut them out. But one always manages to hide under the bed.

Contributor: Teacookie

=* Watch out, while young they aim for nipples, was disturbing for me buuuut so cute but feels funny but purring kitten, can't yell, so cute. damn it my nipple. worst was cat tongue on my vagina once and they got his sack multiple times. Mine don't care.

Contributor: Sangsara

Cats always seem to like to sniff his bum other missionary or my mom during doggie style. Whiskers on my crotch is usually the giveaway even if I can't see them, but they are not interested in me masturbating andcoukdn't care less if they lay on top of. Pile of vibrators or walk across my laptop and even lay down on it while I'm using porn to frigg.