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Simple Fantasies
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Fantasy; where does your mind go? Does it really have to be something unrealistic or improbable in order for it to be defined as a fantasy?


Studies on eroticism show that what turns us on is often tied to fear. Your mind takes that fear and turns it into something hot to experience in a safe space. Have you considered telling your husband the fantasy and roleplaying it? I don't mean actually having another woman there, but agreeing ahead of time that you'll pretend another woman is arriving after the blindfold is put on.


Thank you so much for your comment! At some point I'll share this fantasy with my husband, and perhaps we'll be able to play it out in a comfortable way (like you mentioned). But for now, I'm keeping this one to myself, hopefully a good opportunity will present itself and I can share.


We each have our own personal fantasies, I have mine too! But not with my husband and to even mention it to him I think it I believe would destroy what we have. My fantasy does do one thing for me, appreciate him that much more for what he shares with me, his total commitment.


Thanks for reading and commenting, Hummingbird! There's nothing wrong with having a fantasy outside of your marriage, and I'm glad that it's one that helps you to appreciate his commitment to you!



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