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The Proper Way to Talk Dirty During Sex
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Many people like to dirty talk during sex to spice thing up, but it is important that you know how to dirty talk. You also need to know the limits of dirty talk.


Contributor: Jack M.
Jack M.  

>>Guys, girls like it when you are masculine and take charge.
>>BIG NO-NO: don't ever mention past hook ups, or other men. Doing that will end things. I repeat ladies, that will just end things right there.

Gender stereotypes aren't fun.
Not every woman likes a super masculine dude, and not every dude is insecure about their partner's former lovers.
Such stereotypes make me feel like I'm reading Cosmo, not SexIs.

Contributor: irina09

Jack M: I think you misunderstood the article. In this article I convey my own PERSONAL beliefs and ideas not a stereotype. I am not saying that people all enjoy masculinity or the opposite. I am sharing my own experiences, preferences and my hopes are that it will help as many people as possible.

Contributor: Alex44

"...don't treat your girl/partner as a prostitute."

So does this mean that all prostitutes get beaten by men? Or are all treated disrespectfully?

Is there an international standard of abusing prostitutes that you are referring to?

It's a really bizarre, naive thing to say.

Contributor: gaman

Alex44: Eat a dick you bitch ass nigga
Irina09: go get fucked up your russian tight snatch
Jack M.: Your mama is a whore, she's knocking on my door, she likes it on the floor and she fucks like a dinosaur. More, More, she is asking for more, more more she fucks like a dinosaur (This is a song for your sorry ass)



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