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How EdenFantasys Saved My Sex Life

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Eden Fantasys is more than just an online sex store. It is a sex positive online community that has changed my life.


Great story. Thank you for sharing your experinace.


This is a great story to hear about, thanks for sharing it with us!


Thank you LoriandHubby and DynamicKitty!


Awww I am so proud of you Ivy! What a great, hope filled story!


Thank you , I find this very inspiring at this time in my life. I would like to become more involved but I'm unsure of myself at this time. hope I will break this shell I'm living in soon and gain some self confidence. Thank you again for sharing.


I love that there was a happy ending, but I am enraged about this:
"After seeing several OB/GYNs, I finally found one who took my problem seriously…"

That so much as one doctor, much less SEVERAL doctors, would dismiss your concerns about your body… no one should be treated like that. I'm glad that you found a doctor not only competent, but compassionate, that was able to get to the root of the problem and fix it.

Welcome back.


I am so glad Eden exists. I agree with Petite Valentine, no one should have to go through that sort of pain. Thanks for the article!


love it!


Great article !


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