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  • Our Lives Are Who We Are

    I never noticed how events that have happened in my life influenced my life in bed.

  • Sex is a moving target

    No matter how much we know ourselves or each other our sex lives are like sharks, they have to keep moving or they die. So we've got to be open to changing what we think about sex, especially when you're trying to keep a relationship going longer than a week.

  • Happy MILF Day?

    So, with Mother’s Day behind us (that would be the second Sunday of May) but the month in which it falls still with us, perhaps we need to roll out a MILF Day? Or make plans for one beginning next year? I mean, we have special days for just about everything now, including “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” so why isn’t there a MILF Day? Or am I just slacking on my online searching game this month?

  • Life As An Aspiring Cam Girl

    I am a 20 year old Canadian female. I am also an aspiring cam girl. As a cam girl, I'll take you into my experience; weird viewers, awkward situations, hilarious moments, and voyeuristic orgasms. Sure, there are ups and downs. Mostly, they happen while riding a toy. Being a cam girl isn't nearly fun as you think. It's a lot of work; building a fan base, working out, making yourself presentable, listening to demands, dealing with creeps... Well, that's a whole other article on its own.

  • Tired of Sex? Try Having It

    More and more married couples are falling into sexless ruts in recent years, but it doesn't have to be that way.

  • Racing Against the Clock

    In today's feminist-oriented girl power culture, women are encouraged to pursue a career and find themselves before settling down. But too often now, women are finding that they've waited to long and their fertile years are long behind them.

  • Letters to myself

    When I was still a teen, I think around 14 or 15, I red a book series where the main character girl would write letters to her older self, to be opened and red ten years later. I liked the idea and decided to follow her suit and started writing for myself. Here I would like to share same excerpts with you that have any relevance to sexuality.

  • Can't Stand to Attention?

    Having trouble getting your friend up? No worries! Many men may experience this problem once in a while and I'll give you some tips on how to get your friend standing up at attention!

  • SexIs Subjective: Sexual Freedom, It's not just for young people anymore!

    It's 8 pm, do you know where your grandmother is?

  • Someone Stole My Vibrator And It Wasn't The Dog

    Teenagers are horrible. I have two that I'd like to exchange, but they are extremely expensive and in this economy, I haven't had any takers - especially for the badly behaved ones. I know that teens go through a roller coaster of emotions, but I want mine to be able to come and talk to me about their sexuality, not just take money from my purse.

  • Why You Should Buy Your Mom a Sex Toy

    Our mothers do so much for us, often going underappreciated for all their tireless work and love. The best way to appreciate someone is to do it in a way that feels good to them, and to you - and what could feel better than facilitating a self-love revolution? Yes, it might seem weird, but your mom deserves just as many awesome sex toys as you do, and here's why...

  • How to Help Cure DGS (Death-Grip Syndrome)

    Do you sometimes not finish in bed? Do you find yourself grabbing yourself quite roughly? Chances are you have DGS, more commonly known as Death-Grip Syndrome. Don't worry, it's curable! If you want to figure out how to help cure this, read this article!

  • Respect for the Small Soldier

    I am asking you today to give a respectful salute to a soldier who has gone on many a mission, sometimes grueling and even dangerous ones, to bring pleasure to couples, threesomes and moresomes in whatever rooms we may choose to rut and copulate. He’s lean and helmeted, often with a functional but flimsy hood over his helmet, but he has a tough job sometimes. Also, he makes mistakes. But let us treat him with dignity, and allow me to help you understand him a bit better.

  • Take a Cue from Your Childhood

    Is play really just for children? Does that even make sense? Adults like to have fun, too!

  • Former Man on the Moon Aldrin in Love at 81

    ... but his wife calls younger woman “a predator” as divorce looms.

  • Taking Care of Your Heart is Good for Your Penis

    Some guys need a little extra incentive to look after their health, you know?

  • More Waitresses Sue Casino for Age, Gender Discrimination

    Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City allegedly wanted 'younger, slimmer, sexier.'

  • “Have you ever been to the Mansion?”

  • What My Sex Toys Taught Me

    If someone had told me a couple of years ago that my sex life could be completely different—better than it’s ever been—I probably wouldn’t have believed them, and worse, possibly not even cared.

  • Post Mature Ejaculation

    Synopsis: Middle-aged man experiences the joys and terrors of rediscovering multiple orgasms. His own.

  • Can Estrogen Treatments Prevent Breast Cancer?

    Researchers faced with conflicting studies.

  • The Happy Hooker Remembers Bob Guccione

    “It all started with a friendly phone call from Bob who had tracked me down to Amsterdam in 1971 …”

  • The Time-Traveling Wingman

    If you could give your younger self some relationship and sex advice ... what might have changed?

  • Tuesdays With Nina: May-December Relationships

    She's 21, he's 55. She's new to the game and he’s been around the block a time—or 10.

  • Senior Sex: They Can. They Should. And They Do. Get Over It.

    And why shouldn’t they? Haven’t they earned it, for Pete’s sake? And if nothing else, the prospect of aging does seems far more tolerable if oral’s still on the table.

  • The Second Cumming: Or Why Your Grandma’s Probably Having Better Sex Than You Are

    Some would have you believe that sex is the exclusive domain of twentysomethings – or, if you’re being strictly procreative about it, thirtysomethings as well. The swollen, glistening truth of the matter is that you can keep on having great sex for as long as you want to.

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