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Why You Should Buy Your Mom a Sex Toy

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Our mothers do so much for us, often going underappreciated for all their tireless work and love. The best way to appreciate someone is to do it in a way that feels good to them, and to you - and what could feel better than facilitating a self-love revolution? Yes, it might seem weird, but your mom deserves just as many awesome sex toys as you do, and here's why...

  Women hit their sexual peak later in life than men... it's possible that your dad (or whoever she's seeing) has a hard time keeping up with her. While nothing can truly compare to the "real thing," it might be thoughtful to get her something to tide her over between amorous evenings. A rabbit vibe, for example, is a good bet for women who crave satisfaction in all their most sensitive zones - it features a twirling shaft, rotating beads, and a vibrating clitoral stimulator. And best of all, it'll be "in the mood" whenever she is!

It can be embarrassing for some women to have to admit that their libido has skyrocketed, or has always been high. We're raised in a culture that says women should be innocent and lust-less. A sex toy enables women to take care of their sex drive on their own, without having to worry about being judged by others - even our own partners.

  She may not be lubricating as well as she used to.

This happens due to hormonal changes around menopause. Try picking her up a natural, water-based lube, for comfort both in and out of the bedroom. Some women even notice a painful thinning of the vaginal lining as they get older, so she may prefer a toy that only stimulates her clitoris - in which case, she may need to re-examine any penetrative toys she might own and go for a smaller, clitoral vibe instead. Or she may want to get a small, squishy dildo, like the VixSkin Spur, that will allow her to experience penetration comfortably.

  She grew up in a more repressed time.

And so, she may be adverse to the idea of sex toys or even masturbation in general... but regardless, she still deserves to be spoiled rotten. If she's conservative, but you still want to get her something sensual, maybe she'd prefer a yummy lip gloss, a fragrant shaving cream, or an indulgent massage oil to use with someone special.

Some women who grew up in sexually conservative households may secretly really want a sex toy, but be unwilling or unable to admit that to themselves or others. If this sounds like your mom, she might be a good candidate for a massager-style vibrator, like the Hitachi Magic Wand or Wahl 2-Speed. She can use it on her sore muscles, or on more risqué parts of her body - that's up to her to decide!

The bottom line is, most people enjoy getting off, and that also holds true for people who weren't encouraged to do so during their upbringing. Even if you have to give her a toy under the guise of helping her with muscle pain, it'll probably be a much appreciated gift. Who doesn't want a little more pleasure in their life?


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