How to Use an Anal Plug

What’s the purpose of an anal plug?

Many people, when they first see an anal plug in a sex toys shop, start wondering what in the world can it be used for. After all, anus is not a champagne bottle that we should cork. In reality, those plugs are used for a variety of very practical purposes, such as preparing anus for sex, imitation of double penetration effect, prostate massage and, sometimes, even as a piece of jewelry. Depending on the purpose served, they will vary in shape, size and material; some plugs even offer a vibrating option. Let’s discuss each purpose in a bit more details.

What’s the purpose of an anal plug?

Preparing anus for anal sex.

Physiologically, the sphincter muscles tend to contract whenever a foreign object is inserted, leading to pain and discomfort if a penile penetration is performed without any preparation. Inserting a plug for 10-15 minutes prior to sex will let the muscles get used to an object being inside and the contractions will stop. If the penis is quite large, it may be a good idea to gradually stretch the anus by switching the plugs from smaller to larger one, until the muscles stretch enough. And don’t worry about your anus staying stretched, it will return to its normal state after about 30 minutes of rest.

Double penetration

Anal sex alone is not hugely popular amongst women, but the idea of double penetration (two penises simultaneously, one in vagina, one in anus) seems attractive to many. This has to do with the erogenous zones, concentrated on the back wall of the vagina, which are barely affected during regular sex. If there is something inserted in the rectum, it props holds the back wall in a way that it gets the stimulation it deserves, leading to some intense pleasure. Plus the vaginal canal itself becomes tighter, meaning more pleasure for men too.

However, not every couple is ready and willing to invite a third party. In this case, similar sensations can be easily recreated with a butt plug, some of which come in very realistic penile shapes of all sizes. If you want an extra bling, you can always get a tear shaped plug, decorated with crystals. The tear shape tightens the vagina in exactly the right place, leaving the sphincter barely stretched. Men will get some additional stimulation from that bump inside and the crystals add a special spark for the couples play.

P-Spot massage

It’s common for men after certain age to start experiencing some health issue related to their prostate. Sedentary lifestyle, office work and bad habits all lead to mucus and other pathogens being accumulated in the area, leading to weaker erection and some other dysfunctions. This problem is often treated with a prostate massage, performed in the doctor’s office. A similar effect, however, can be achieved with an anal plug, specially designed for continuous wear. It’s bent in a way that it sits comfortably inside and applies pressure to the prostate area. As you move, the plug moves with you, making the pressure weaker and stronger, resulting in a therapeutic massage. This way you can save your time and money on a doctor’s visit and avoid a stranger’s finger in your butt.

As an accessory for Animal role-playing.

Role-playing is a great way to bring some fun into your sex life and make it a bit more diverse. Go for a scenario when one or both partners assume a role of an animal and use a butt plug with an attached tail to complete the image. Big furry tails are especially popular. Of course, those plugs are multifunctional. They don’t just make you into sexy kitty, but, at the same time, stretch your anus, create the double penetration effect and deliver extra stimulation.

Now, let’s see how to use the butt plug


Get your anus clean and ready

Remember, there's no need for extensive clean up. Simply, take a hot shower to relax and wash up. Following basic hygiene makes you always prepared for anal play. Let the anal adventure begin!


Use lubricants

Anus is quite tender and sensitive and there are no glands that lubricate the area to make gliding easier. So for any type of anal play you need to use a lubricant, which comes in silicone and water based formulas. Silicone based is thicker and, normally, gives you a smoother gliding. However, if you are using silicone toys, make sure you always use them with water based lube, as the silicone based one can damage them.


Use toys designed for anal sex

Using anything but a specially designed toy to stimulate your anus can be quite hazardous to your health. All anal stimulators have one very important feature – a wide base or a ring, which makes it impossible for a toy to get swallowed whole, so to speak. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think. The sphincter muscles tend to contract involuntarily and can easily pull the toy inside. Chances are, you’ll need to go to the doctor’s office to get it out.


Pick the right size and shape

Few things will determine the size and shape of the toy you need - your own build, your level of experience with anal sex, your ability to relax your muscles and the intended use of the toy. If you are a woman, slightly build, with little prior experience, who wants to feel the double penetration effect, you should probably choose the smaller plug with rhinestone. Also, keep in mind the diameter of your partner’s penis. If it’s on the wider size, then, as you stretch your anus to prepare it for penetration, you’ll probably have to start with a narrow plug, moving on to the thicker one when your sphincter gets used to the feeling.

How to insert an anal plug

Once you lubricate your anus and the toy, you can try to insert the plug inside. If your final goal is to play with a big or unusually shaped toy or, if you and your partner are getting ready for penetrating anal sex, start with a smaller cone shaped plug. It’s easier to insert and after you hold it in for about 10 minutes, the sphincter muscles will get used to the shape and you can upgrade to a larger toy.

When you’re inserting the toy, try doing it on yourself. Only you can really feel how your body is reacting, making it easier to choose the right speed and pressure to avoid unnecessary discomfort. But if your partner finds this delicate task exciting and stimulating and want to do it himself, make sure your whole body is relaxed, not just your booty. Start with a full body massage or take it up a notch with an erotic massage. This way you won’t just be relaxed, but also aroused and ready for more. Another way to reach a similar effect is to have an orgasm through vaginal or oral sex. Your body will be much more welcoming to anything you’ll try to put in.