How to Choose Anal Plug

What are anal plugs used for?

What are anal plugs used for?

Anal plugs or butt plugs are toys inserted anally and designed to stay put in place, without popping out. Anal toys can be used for different reasons: some use them to train their sphincter before anal sex, for others anal plug adds extra stimulation during regular intercourse or foreplay, and some people enjoy it in their power play as a sign of submission.

1. Insert

The sphincter muscles can be quite tight, so it is important to relax and prepare, before you go big into anal. Always start with something small like Beginner anal kit and look for tapered conical shapes, which are the easiest to insert. The lubrication is important for safe play, as anus doesn't have enough natural lubrication.

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2. Keeping it in

If you want your plug to stay inside during sex, look for the plugs with a neck, which is the narrow part above the flat base. The sphincter will close around it, and your plug will stay in place. For more comfortable stimulation, you can try toys with narrow long base. Narrow base will fit comfortably between butt cheeks, while you're playing.

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3. Vibration

Vibration can add extra pleasurable sensations into anal play. Some people prefer high pitch, ticklish vibes, while others take their pleasure in deep rumbling vibrations. Holding vibrator just outside the orifice is a great way to warm up for anal sex.

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4. G and p-spot stimulation

If you would like to stimulate your P or G-spot, the curved anal toys will make it easier. Point your toy toward the navel and rock it slightly to apply pressure on these sensitive areas.

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5. Stretching

Many people find slow stretching of their muscles and feeling of fullness very arousing. Always do it slowly with ample amounts of lubrication. To make it safer, before trying bigger toys, warm up, using smaller plugs.

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