Better Sex with Better Lube.
9 Tips For Buying Sex Lubricants

It’s no secret that sex is much more enjoyable when things stay wet down there.
Lubricants can improve your sex life.
There are lots of lubes on the market and, to choose the right one, you need to consider the type of sex you’re having, the contraceptives and the sex toys you may be using. Comfort and safety should be your main priorities.

Let’s Start With the Base

1. Water-based

Are ideal moisturizers and rarely trigger an allergic reaction. They are also easy to wash off and won’t leave stains on clothes and sheets. Work great together with most contraceptives and sex toys.

2. Silicone

Can be used with latex products and have several important advantages over other types, including superior sliding and lowest friction when used with sex toys, extending their useful life. Most silicone lubricants are hypoallergenic.

3. Hybrid

Hybrids are a mix of 2 bases, either silicone or oil with water base, making them a little bit thicker and, unlike silicone alone, still usable for play with silicone toys. If you plan to use a latex condom make sure that your hybrid lubricant does not have oil in its base.

4. Oil-based

Great for solo play. Can damage latex condoms, so use other kind or rubber, if you must.

9 Tips To Consider Before Using Lube

#1: Where To Buy

Our private zones are quite sensitive and need to be treated with care, so pay attention to where you get your intimate products. Best to go to a reputable distributor and, if you’re worried about possible allergies, try the lube on a small area of your skin first or consult a doctor for a recommendation.

#2: When To Use Lube

We recommend using lubricant at all times, both for solo and partners' play. Lubes guarantee a smooth foreplay and lead to exceedingly more pleasurable sex. Various reasons can cause natural dryness, such as recently giving birth, breastfeeding, aging, etc. Lubricants can remedy all of those, providing a "slide-n-glide" erotic experience, allowing to enjoy your sex life to a maximum.

#3: Oral Sex

Blow jobs are so much easier to perform, when you do it with lube. However, some lubes have a bitter taste and are not very suitable for oral. This is where flavored lubes come in. Made from milder ingredients, they are not bitter, and you can pick your favorite flavor to enjoy.

When buying a flavored kind, make sure it doesn’t contain added sugars, as that can stimulate the candida growth - not the side effect you want from sex!

#4: When To Use Silicone Lube

Thicker and and less absorbent than the water-based, silicone lubricant are great for anal sex. Just make sure you don't use it with sex toys and condoms made of silicone, as the latter will deteriorate.

They are tougher to wash off, making them perfect for the sex in the water.

#5: Anal Sex

Use anal lube when having anal sex! We will never get tired of repeating that! It’s thicker and won’t dry out too quickly, so you’ll get much better gliding. It also helps to relax the anus and to avoid possible injuries, ensuring a much more pleasurable experience in the process.

#6: Allergies

Any type of lubricant can cause an allergic reaction. Make sure you first try the new one on a tiny part of your privates or even on your wrist, especially if you are prone to allergies. If the area gets red or itchy, wash it clean, let it dry and wait for the redness to disappear before trying another product.

#7: Fertility

If you’re trying to have a baby, find the lube with a sperm friendly pH to make sure the swimmers get where they need to.

#8: Get More From Lubes

Additional lubrication and increased arousal? Yes, please! Try the warming or cooling lubes for some amazingly stimulating sensations leading to faster and stronger orgasms.

#9: Storage

Once you find the right type, make sure you store it correctly, away from direct heat and sunlight, and away from the reach of kids and pets.

And if you can’t settle on only one kind, it’s perfectly fine. Different types of sex require different types of lube, so keep your sex life well lubricated by having the right formula for each job!