How To Choose The Best Sex Lubricant

It’s no secret that sex is much more enjoyable when things stay wet down there. Sex lubricants can improve your love life. There are lots of lubes on the market and, to choose the right one, you need to consider the type of sex you’re having, the contraceptives and the sex toys you may be using. Comfort and safety come first, and you come right after.

1Let’s Start With The Base

Personal lubricants based on water - aka the water-based lubes - are the rulers of the lubricant kingdom. With awesome smoothness, perfect compatibility with the largest amount of contraceptives and sex toys, water-based lubes are beyond cool. They won't stain your clothes or bedsheets, they dry out by themselves - re-apply alert! - and they can be easily washed off with water. Which can be a downside, btw, if you're planning on hopping in the shower.

Silicone sex lubricants are super thick, super long-lasting and reduce friction to a mere minimum - that's what makes them #1 choice for anal. They are compatible with latex products, pair fantastically with glass, metal or wood, but aren't at the top of their game when it comes to other silicone objects - i.e. toys. Don't mix silicone lubes with silicone toys - it would be the death of the latest. However, if you're into water games, silicone lubricants are the champions you need, providing you with a friction-less slip'n'slide experience.

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Hybrid intimate lubes are a mix of either silicone or oil with water, so they have the best of both worlds. Really thick for less friction, really subtle for stain-free mess between the sheets, and easily compatible with silicone toys. Hybrid lubricants can work with latex condoms as long as there is no oil in them.

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Oil-based lubricants are what you want for playing solo - sensual, not too thick, not too messy - just enough to get smooth with yourself. They work fine with silicone toys, as well as with glass, metal or other, but better not mix them with latex condoms - oil may damage them.

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2Where To Buy Your Lubricant?

Our sweet bits are quite sensitive and need to be treated with care. Choose respectable distributors with a good name and good recommendations. Big corporations tend to have good lubricants, but they frequently fail to specify the base, hence making their lubes hazardous to use with silicone toys. Sex toy distributors, on the other hand, always provide that kind of specs, so keep an eye on them for the sake of your toy box.

3When Using Sex Lube Is Necessary?

While lube is really necessary only when there's not enough natural lubrication going on - aka anal sex - any type of sexy action can benefit from being lubed up. Whether you're playing solo or with a partner, having lubricant at hand will make things slide and glide. Also, if there is a problem of natural dryness (due to recently giving birth, breastfeeding, aging, etc.), lubricants are your best pals - they fix it all!

4Does Oral Sex Require Lube?

Oral sex becomes way more fun when it's sprinkled. Flavored lubricants can turn your oral session into full-on desserts! Other lubes may be bitter and kind of ruin the experience, so the edible options are what you want for Aussie kissing. They are made from mild, body-friendly ingredients and are completely safe to be consumed. Just be sure the lube doesn't contain added sugars, as that can stimulate the candida growth - definitely not the side effect you want from sex.

5How Much Lube Do You Need For Anal Sex?

Your bum has no natural lubrication. Zero. Nada. That's why the answer to that question is - as much as the heck possible. Any kind of anal play requires a lube, and a mad abundance of it - you literally can't have too much. Stick to special formulas that are meant for anal - anal lubricants are thicker and don't dry out too quickly, so you'd be able to enjoy your sliding experience longer without reapplying. Remember - NEVER use desensitizing lubricants for anal sex. You need to be fully aware of what's going on down there at all times, and the numbing effect of the lube might deprive you of a chance to avoid possible injuries.

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6Can You Be Allergic To Sex Lubricant?

Frankly, any type of lube can cause an allergy, even the ones that have a "hypoallergenic" tag on them. That is why you don't rush after buying your bottle - check for allergies first by putting a drop on your wrist. If the area gets red or itchy, wash it clean, let it dry and wait for the redness to disappear before trying another product. Don't forget to consult your doctor if anything raises concerns.

7Can Lube Help When Trying For A Baby?

Yes, in fact, it can. Just like there are spermicidal lubes that prevent unwanted pregnancies, there are also lubricants with a sperm friendly pH. They pave the way and make sure the swimmers get where they need to.

8What Else Can Lubricants Provide?

Effortless sliding and increased arousal? Yes, please! Try the feature-loaded lubes for some amazingly stimulating sensations leading to faster and stronger orgasms. The warming and tingling lubricants tend to boost arousal, 'cause they attract blood to your sweet bits, making it more erect or engorged. The cooling lubricants, on the other hand, can prolong the action by kind of saying "cool of, tiger" to your genitals.

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9How To Store Sex Lube?

Once you find the lubricants that's your cup of tea, make sure you store it correctly, away from direct heat and sunlight, and away from the reach of kids and pets. As you can see from this extended guide, you might need far more than one bottle for different types of bedroom fun. So stock up with sex lube to keep your sex life wet and juicy!

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