What's Your Pleasure?

Orgasm is a beautiful thing as it is, but it is also a gift that keeps on giving if you keep unwrapping it. A woman can experience at least six types of orgasm, and each of them varies in intensity and sensations. Read our guide to explore each orgasm type and learn how to achieve all of them.

1. Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral Orgasm

This kind of orgasms is the most common and is the result of the direct clitoral stimulation. Being extremely rich in nerve endings, the clitoris is the most sensitive area of the female body and is the only human organ designed solely for pleasure. Intensely pleasurable feelings start within the C-spot and then expand to the whole body.

Eden rechargeable silicone tongue
Eden rechargeable silicone tongue
Combining wide surface and a pinpoint tip, this silicone tongue is a perfect vibrator for delightful C-spot stimulation.
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2. Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal Orgasm

The sensations from a vaginal orgasm remain in the pelvic region and the lower stomach area. However, they are extremely intense. Uterus and pelvic muscles may begin to contract when you reach the peak, so usually, this type of pleasure is achieved through the A-spot and G-spot stimulation. It takes longer to get to this point, on average 20-25 minutes.

Silicone wavy G
Silicone wavy G
This flexible silicone vibrator features an ergonomic shape that delivers powerful vibes right to the G-spot. You’ll find 10 vibrating patterns to choose from.
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3. Blended Orgasm

Blended Orgasm

The blended climax is a combination of vaginal and C-spot stimulation. Yes, it is possible to experience two types of "finish" at the same time. This is a blissful experience and can be achieved using dual vibrators.

Eden rechargeable dual vibrator
Eden rechargeable dual vibrator
Intensify your pleasure with simultaneous G-spot and C-spot stimulation this dual vibrator provides.
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4. Multiple Orgasms

Multiple Orgasms

Physiologically nothing prevents women from enjoying multiple orgasms. If you can cross the finish line once, you can do it twice, or even more. Some women find it easier to experience euphoric sensations again if they cool off their sensitive areas. Glass sex toys are perfect for this extra sensual situation.

Enjoy ecstatic temperature play with this unique glass toy to savor the most exquisite sensations.
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5. Nipple Orgasm

Nipple Orgasm

Nipple stimulation is a powerful pleasure trigger. Some women can reach the highest point just through nipple play, which is also known as nipplegasm. Explore a variety of sex toys for different types of nipple stimulation and enjoy your pleasure like never before.

Sweet vibrating nipple clamps
Sweet vibrating nipple clamps
Experience amazing sensations these vibrating nipple clamps offer and relish a pure delight.
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6. Anal Orgasm

Anal Orgasm

An anal orgasm is amazing, energizing, and can be more intense than most other Os. The reason is that there are loads of nerve endings in this area, and stimulating them with anal sex toys can be an extremely pleasurable experience. It's definitely worth trying!

Offering life-like sensations and featuring 10 vibration patterns, this waterproof anal probe gives endless possibilities for orgasmic anal play.
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