Meet My Electrodes: Intro To E-stim

Meet My Electrodes: Intro to E-stim.

Remember the time when you used a vibrator for the first time? Felt good, right? No doubt it felt new, fresh and fabulous. Electro-stimulation is a lot like common vibrating sex toys, just way more unique.

So what is it?

E-stim uses specially designed safe electrical current for erotic stimulation. The electrical impulses stimulate the nerves, sending signals across the nerve system and giving us different sensations. Depending on the device and the intensity level set, it can be used for a massage, simple muscle relaxation or erotic stimulation. It may be worth saying that even though E-stim fits into BDSM, it is not exclusively for BDSM lifestyle. In fact, it can be enjoyed by a much wider audience.

So what is it?

Why should I use it?

E-stim may introduce you to a fast and heavy climax, or it can steadily maintain a slowly spreading tingling sensation that will keep you euphoric for hours ahead. Neither a real partner, nor a usual toy can provide that.

So what is it?

What will I feel?

Electroplay gives a wonderful range of sensations that vary from a mild to a more intense 'tingling' feeling. It is a direct stimulation of the nerve endings and, because of that, the pleasure is deeper and more intense.

So what is it?

How do I use E-stim?

When connecting to the device, ensure that attachments are dry and the power is off (The toys need to be cleaned and thoroughly dried before first and after each use).

As fingers and palms have more nerve endings, you will feel shocks there more intensely than on other areas.

Use lubrication - specially designed E-stim lube or any water-based gel will work, as dry skin won’t let you feel any effect at all. Lubrication will conduct the electricity, causing it to spread evenly across an area on your body.

If the toy has multiple attachments, for better result apply all of them to the body to make a circuit, unless the instruction states otherwise.

Will I be safe?

The E-toys are the safest way to enjoy electro-stimulation, but there are some general guidelines for their use:

Don’t use E-stim toys if you have underlying heart issues; for instance, a pacemaker, congestive heart failure, or any other damage to the heart.

Don’t use electro-stimulation devices while pregnant.

Don’t use E-stim attachments on broken, inflamed or irritated skin.

Don’t use E-stim kits when feeling fatigued, dehydrated, undernourished, unwell or not at your best.

Don’t use piercings as electrodes.

Don’t use E-stim equipment in or near water.

Are there any special features?

Actually, there are more than you can imagine. E-stim allows men to reach the peak without ejaculation, which introduces you to the astonishing world of multiple male orgasms. The climax comes almost instantly, and, without you actually ejaculating, you will be left in that same pre-climactic state, stepping into ecstasy again and again. The same principle works for women too. Because there is no direct pressure-like stimulation, the ladies parts will not need the time to recuperate after an orgasm, so the pleasure rollercoaster can go on for as long as you want.