How To Choose A Roaring Pocket Rocket Vibrator

If you value the size of your toy just as much as you value its power, it's shocking that you still haven't got yourself a pocket rocket vibrator. Absolutely buffed on strong vibration, these little minxes can travel around in your pocket without anyone even knowing what a dangerous orgasm weapon you're carrying. Dig into our witty guide and find out what things to pay attention to when you're choosing your first roaring pocket rocket.

1 Meet Pocket Rockets

Pocket rocket vibrator is a marvelous sex gadget that’s purpose-built to deliver sharp, sensual external vibrations. These toys can be aimed to stimulate any erogenous zone of your sexy body, providing in-depth, concentrated, satisfying sensations. The three - or sometimes four - bare metal balls at the head of the toy ensure that the vibrations are distributed evenly. Since the stimulation is received directly by your skin, pocket rocket vibrators have a tangibly powerful effect.

2 Consider Their Power

That is the power to be counted on. Since with pocket rockets you feel vibrations exactly where you want to feel them, very few sex toys can compete with these little powerhouses. When it comes to power and precision, pocket rockets are unsurpassable.

It packs a powerful punch in such a small package.

3 Notice The Size

The word “pocket” speaks for itself. Of course, they’re discreet vibrators, but just knowing you have one of these powerful little pleasure tools on hand wherever you go can also be a huge turn on.

Small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, powerful, simple, elegant, works, and easy to use. What more is there to love?
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4 Appreciate The Variety

If you want to channel that immense power to stimulate a specific external (or even internal) erogenous zone, there are a variety of interchangeable attachments to broaden the range of your pocket rocket vibrator’s functions.

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5 Mind They're Waterproof

Pocket rockets are a fantastic vibrator choice for bath or shower play. Not only are they fully waterproof, but they also provide such intense vibrations, so you can enjoy the sensations even through water.

This toy has been used in the shower and submerged in the bathtub on multiple occasions and is still going strong.

7 Praise The Batteries

Vibrators powered by batteries mean no fussing with wires and no time spent waiting around for your sex toy to charge at that special moment. Just have an extra set of batteries on hand and swap them when feeling your pocket rocket vibrator is “tired” for your next sexual adventure.

If it ever dies or is running low, I can just swap out the battery and get back to business instead of having to wait for it to charge.
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8 Enjoy Simple And Convenient Controls

Most of the pocket rockets have a one-speed vibration that’s activated by twisting the base. However, some push-button models can vibrate at multiple speeds and in several patterns.

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