Amazing Facts About Clitoris

Knowledge is power - especially when it's about pleasure! Although the clitoris is that "Magic Button" that quickly sends women to cloud nine, there is still a veil of mystery surrounding it. Let's lift it and explore all the thrilling facts about the C-spot to become a true maestro of playing the O! symphony with just one key.

1Clitoris Is Big

Clitoris is more than just a little pink button. Hidden from view, it's shaped like a wishbone, it's 3 inches long, and connects to every single structure in the genitals.

Tip: The most effective and pleasant way to stimulate clit on the deepest level is giving clitoral pumps a go. By gently boosting blood circulation in the C-spot area, they make the clitoris deliciously sensitive and ready to explode with heavenly climaxes.

2Clitoris Is Solely Devoted To Pleasure

The sweet truth - this perfectly beautiful little bean is created for nothing else but delivering you pleasure - so let's enjoy it as the nature bequeathed! The clitoris is so sensitive, that when stimulated right, it brings a woman to orgasm within 4-5 minutes.

Tip: Start stimulating it slowly and increase the speed as your excitement starts pouring over the top. Use multispeed vibes, which are ideal for starting with low buzz and finishing with full intensity.

3Clitoris Has More Nerve Endings Than Penis

Containing 8,000 deliciously reactive nerve endings, the clitoris is very sensitive, but that isn't the same thing as being delicate. For some people, firm, intense, or even "rough" stimulation may be exactly what they want.

Tip: Deep rumble of wand massagers provides robust external stimulation awakening all the sweetest nerves of your clit and charging it for an O! of cosmic scales.

4Clitoris Connects To

We tend to think of G-spot and clit orgasms as two separate things, but experts claim that those two are connected. The effects of G-spot stimulation might be enhanced by simultaneously stimulating the clitoris.

Tip: Rabbit vibrators were specifically designed to combine simultaneous stimulation of G- and C-spots to merge the sensations of all your hottest spots into one super-powerful blended climax.

5For 75% Of Women Clitoris Is The Only Way

Up to 75% of women find it hard to orgasm without touching the clitoris, despite the excitement a penetration can create. Only a lucky few can reach the "big O" from inner stimulation alone.

Tip: To give her the much-needed extra clit stimulation during lovemaking, bet on a smart design of a cock ring - the №1 toy for couples. While she enjoys exciting vibrations directed to her clit and labia, he gets additional stimulation of his shaft, which inevitably leads you both to a simultaneous explosion.

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