Discover Powerful Orgasms with Vibrating Bullets
and Eggs

Learn how to choose a bullet or an egg vibe for the perfect experience.

Discover Powerful Orgasms with Vibrating Bullets and Eggs

Vibrating bullets and eggs are proof-positive that good things “come” in small packages. Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size or simple appearance. Not only are these tiny wonders effective stimulators, they can pack quite a punch.

Eggs and bullets are also extremely versatile. Thanks to their streamlined styling, they can be used in conjunction with a variety of non-vibrating toys, allowing for added, layered sensations. Their non-intimidating size makes them perfect beginner toys, but they are also fantastic for women’s and men’s pleasure in solo or couple’s play.

Bullets vs Eggs

While very similar, there are still some differences between eggs and bullets that make each one unique. Chosen with care, the proper egg or bullet can deliver its own form of amazing pleasure.

Bullets feature elongated, oval shaping, while eggs tend to be larger and more rounded. Eggs’ extra girth allows them to house larger motors, making them more powerful than bullets. Eggs also boast a larger surface area, which makes them amazing for delivering an intense rumbling buzz to the entire labial zone. Some eggs are even designed for insertion to deliver vibrating internal goodness and truly toe-curling sensations. Just check to make sure your egg has a retrieval cord so it doesn’t get swallowed up by your pleasure.

While smaller than eggs, bullets definitely have their own set of advantages. The narrow shape is easier to grasp and hold. The small size also makes them discreet and travel friendly. But most important of all, bullets concentrate their vibrations in a smaller tip, allowing for fantastic pinpoint stimulation of the clit, nipples, and many other nerve-rich spots on the body.

Take Charge. Control Types.

Control Pack

If you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to operate your vibrator - that won’t bust your budget - a control pack is the perfect choice. Control packs attach to toys with a long wire, allowing you to stimulate even hard-to-reach erogenous areas. Whether you set the pace yourself, or hand the control off to your partner, they’re great for solo and couple’s fun.

Wireless Remote Control

More expensive than the corded variety, remote control vibes can take your experience to new levels, minus the distraction of tangling wires. Another advantage is that they can be operated from a distance of up to 20 feet, so you can use them discreetly, even in public places.

Button Control

This classical model, easily concealed in the palm of your hand, is small enough to keep in a purse or even in a pocket. Quiet and discreet, the internal control operates with an easy-to-use push button: One click sets it in motion. The toy cycles through a series of patterns, turning you on, then turning itself off at the end of the cycle. If you haven’t completed your own orgasmic cycle yet, simply push the button once more and start all over.

Enhanced Features To Optimize Your Pleasure


If you like your pleasure hot and wet, opt for a waterproof bullet or egg and enjoy your shower or bath time fun even more.


Tired of remembering to stock up on batteries? A rechargeable bullet or an egg is the perfect solution. You’ll spend a little more “green” up front, but in the long run, you’ll save money and keep batteries out of the landfill, which makes your choice economical and earth friendly, too!

Multifunctional and Multi-Speed

Every hot spot has its own special trigger. Choosing a vibe that features varying intensity and multiple modes is your best bet for achieving maximum pleasure performance.

Ergonomic Shape

Curved to fit your form, these beauties sometimes even feature wings, antennae and other unique shapes to distribute their delicious buzz to your body’s most favorable hot zones.

Dual Vibration

Some bullets, like the Duet, come with two vibrating attachments. Share the vibrations with a partner, or keep them all to yourself and enjoy simultaneous dual stimulation for the ultimate solo fun.

Luxury and Unique Bullets

Some high-end eggs and bullets combine several features and come in original shapes that deliver amazing sensual experiences. Boasting a vibrating, rotating tip that delivers fabulously focused pleasure, Hula Beads are just one great example of this cream of the bullet and egg crop.

Four Ways to Better the Bullet & Egg Experience

1. Upgrade Your Masturbator

Any man’s solo session can get an orgasmic boost by combining a stroker with an egg. You can attach an egg to your favorite stroker with clear tape, or simply apply vibration wherever you like to enjoy mind-blowing synergy.

2. Upgrade Your Cock Ring

Cock rings often come with an inexpensive bullet that lacks intensity and special features. For extra oomph, trade out that generic bullet with your favorite high caliber toy to experience a more targeted and enjoyable performance.

3. Buzz It Up

Did you know you can transform your favorite plug or dildo into a vibrator by applying a buzz at the base? You can! A toy that’s nestled inside you will transmit vibrations along its entire length for scintillating added pleasure.

4. Dual Pleasure

For budget-friendly dual action, try buzzing your external erogenous zones with a bullet while having a vibe, dildo or other toy inside you. But be warned: You might enjoy the intense blended orgasm experience so much, you’ll find yourself deciding to upgrade to more expensive, purpose-built double-stimulator toys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!