Hottest Sex Fetishes We've Tried That'll Strengthen Your Relationship

Even if you think you’re so vanilla you could be a frosting, I bet you, there is a fetish that’s up your alley. My girlfriend and I thought we're kinky enough, but this experiment led us into a whole new world of sexuality, turning our sex life into a total FETstival. With new practices, new toys and a new view of each other's pleasure, we went on to a new level. Here's my experience, with details and tips, for you to find that kinky bone in your body and STRETCH. IT. GOOD.

The word "fetish" comes from a distorted Portugal word "feitiсo" - it means "spell" or "charm".



Sounds menacing, but it’s an all-time fav - the sensual massage. I quickly caught that it's a perfect place to start a fetish game - if you love being touched, you most def have this fetish already. It’s the ultimate fetishistic foreplay and the best way to relax and arouse.

I Recommend

Replete your fet scene with flavorful candles and hot melted wax. I checked it first on my forearm and then smeared it all over her delicious body.

Rely on the power of Magic Force - it pierces deep, prevailing even when the muscles are tense and the orgasm seems out of reach.

Add both romance and kink CBD tranquility massage candle - create atmosphere, plus we put the warm wax to a good use.

Try out a full orgasmic dessert with Dona oil set - believe me, licking it off your lover's body was the sexiest thing ever.

Grab a full massage kit we have in our toy box for an out-of-this-world tripsolagnophilia experience



We were hesitant about trying this fetish and changing the power dynamic so drastically. But, boy, was it a revelation. Being so vulnerable, so exposed, with her showing so much dominance and emitting power - it felt intoxicating. So strap on a strap-on and try that table-turning pegging action - you will be ever changed after that, with a deeper understanding of each other's pleasure.

I Recommend

Play out the bulbous head of the strap-on and always aim for the P-spot - a thorough prostate massage can lead to full-body multiple orgasms.

Ride the Beginner strap-on - the curved heads spurred both her G-spot and my P-spot. A simultaneous orgasm made simple.

Bet on the easily adjustable and girthy Double Thruster. I was shaken by how realistic it felt, and my girl wore it like her own.

Try out the simple chic of the Vegan Dual Harness - it fits various body types, and glides you to 7th Heaven.

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women love being spanked

A survey by Glamour magazine

Impact Play


To spank or to be spanked - if you give impact play a try, you’d want both. Either by hand or with the good stuff like floggers and canes, we were all in the spanking game. It brings both physical and mental delight. Oh, I picture those punishment-forgiveness fet scenarios as I write.

I Recommend

Start spanking by hand, then gradually move on to tougher implements and keep an eye on the bum shades - my lovely GF's butt went from juicy pink to scarlet. Those shades are your A-hit.

Let this soft Padded Paddle start the impact - savor the smoothness of sensual leather, softened with padding for a mild start.

Feel the enticing bite of this crop - I appreciated the extra accuracy it delivers, stimulating specific spots for a peak experience.

Get down to heavy duty with this Passionate Flogger - its harsh sting of allowed us to combine pain and pleasure perfectly.

Have you ever tried spanking with anything other than hands?
Yes 77%
77% of 2300 respondents tried spanking with implements
No 57%
57% of 2300 respondents only tried spanking by hand



If you are into control games, as we are, the vincilagnia - plainly bondage - is your perfect fet fit. I loved the idea of securing her and not letting her dodge the pleasure, and it turned out fascinating. The variety of scenarios is countless, as well as the array of knots - so be prepared!

I Recommend

For the best vincilagnia play, make safety your priority. Make sure you can fit at least a finger between the skin and the restraint to avoid interrupting blood flow.

Play out the toughness of this Passionate Wrist Cuffs - their steady yet safe hold put her in a roaring roleplay mode.

Feel the full spread with this savvy under-bed kit - despite the looks of it, it was super easy to install and fun to explore.

Go classic vincilagnia with this basic rope - made of cotton, it’s entirely safe, so we went wild with the knots - so knaughty!

I would get this advanced bondage kit for a complete vincilagnia perspective

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Americans admit to having a fetish or a kink

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Spurring, gyrating, and rolling, sex toys are the ultimate dream for an ASMR fet-fan. Which, apparently, we both are! The arsenal of toys we had has provided us with a symphony of thrilling sounds and different vibration patterns. The biggest perk of trying the ASMR fetish with toys? An orgasm, of course.

I Recommend

To make your ASMR experience complete, eliminate all sounds but the deep rumble of the sex toy inside of you and lose yourself to sensations.

Listen closely to the hyper rotation of the Wild Bunny beads - it sent chills down our spines, and when I put it inside her, it was a blast.

Bust out this pocket rocket and let this loud little monster sends uncovered vibrations directly to your skin - it feels ASMR-tastic.

Feel the thrill of the Thrill - its unique motor mimics thrusting motion, complete with the sound of sweet pounding.

Animal Play


A "fluffy" alias granted us an exhilarating freedom to express the wild passion that lives inside every carnal sexual being. I literally roared on our animal fetish journey. Flirt with the idea of primal instincts overtaking you, and stock on props to complete your furry fantasy.

I Recommend

Think a scenario through before starting the fluffy game and then try to stay in character whatever happens - roar, groan and meow your way to the peak.

Choose the classic fluffy appeal of the Vixen plug - its metallic pressure felt awesome for her, and the faux fur excited me.

This little bunny went to an orgasm! We chose the Rainbow bunny tail to approach animal play whimsically on the outside.

Play out the idea of being as wild as a beast with this edgy collar. When I put it on her, she turned into a complete savage!



Hot and bothered in public - that’s agoraphilia, and that's our guilty pleasure. Getting it on at the office or a club gives you cold feet? Take a tip from pros - discreet sex toys never fail - those naughty little hurricanes under your clothes will make your day forecast, with a big chance of big O. Just get a grip of your facial expression.

I Recommend

Make a game out of the agoraphilia fetish - take your toys on a night out with a partner, nibble each other through clothing and try to hold up as long as possible.

Ditch your G-string for this savvy C-string - it strapped on sturdy, sending her over the top with remote-controlled vibrations.

Try nipple piercings with Eden beaded Clamps - unnoticeable under her silky blouse, they pinched the nip to ecstasy.

Pick this slim and classy butt plug for extended wear - the soft silicone lining and a safe tapered base were super comfy for fun on the town.

Still think fetish is uncommon?

~4 million members

That's how big is the pool of the FetLife social network alone



Endytophilia is a fetish for sex in clothes - and, trust us, it’s hotter than full nude. For one, clothed sex means hasty, raw, ripping desire. It’s seductive and mysterious, and when she threw on lace and artificial leather, the concept of nudity was BUSTed for me.

I Recommend

Play out the idea of sex in clothes - throw in a striptease show, choose undergarments with strategic openings that are her main weapon now, and enjoy the naughty.

Come as kinky as it gets, wearing this latex mini dress - the cool feel of latex against her skin made us get hot and bothered.

Feel the rough love vibe as you see and touch those leather belts and strong metal buckles. Make the scene extra spicy and fetish-filled.

Bet on this sexy sub belt to frame all the delicious parts of that crazy body, accentuating it enough to devour.

Get my girl's look with this delicious lingerie deal to quench your endytophilia thirst

Polyiterophilia (DP)


Intense and enticing, the fetish for multiple partners, aka polyiterophilia, was a craving of hers. She told that she dreamt of losing herself to an extreme feeling of fullness and pushing over the limits towards the biggest climax - I was happy to oblige.

I Recommend

You don’t need a stranger in the bedroom for a full double penetration experience - realistic toys will play the part perfectly.

Go for Uptown Boyfriend as a less life-like DP companion. It packs texture and balls, but the perky violet color makes it couple-friendly.

Treat her to a super vivid feel this savvy cock ring gives, nailing the simultaneous thrusting of two shafts.

Knock the backdoor with this adorable jelly plug - its realistic feel is great for maintaning the DP fantasy.

Orgasm denial


Playing with your partner’s orgasm, keeping them on their toes, teasing - orgasm denial games and edging are about control and intensifying the pleasure. Balancing on edge and then falling into bliss made it so much more intense for us.

I Recommend

Take full charge and literally control the waves of pleasure - "forbid" your partner to orgasm. I made her beg for it, and she made me, and it was the sweetest reward.

Balance on edge with these basic E-stim pads I felt the tingling arousal building up without exploding.

Pop it inside or put it in the panty - this little bullet held her on edge with multiple vibration patterns I controlled.

Try out the unique Pulse III - she controlled the unique oscillation technology and made me beg to come after 5 mins.

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