7 Ideas For Sexy Edging

Pushing away the moment of climax is the key to the most intense sensations. Learn how to delay your orgasm with these simple "edging" techniques.

Train yourself

Train Yourself

Self-play is less intense than a session with a partner, so hop on a rabbit and try to stop at full gallop. Repeat this on-off play, until blended climax covers your body like a wave.

Uncover slowly

Uncover slowly

Don’t just reap each other's clothes off, go slow, indulge into sensual uncovering of your bodies. Wear several sexy layers and make an effort to fold each piece of clothes you remove neatly.

Give a head start

Give A Head Start

Incorporate oral or hand session into your love play. Your partner can stop when you are too close to the edge and start all over again, repeating until you are both ready for the biggest O.

Lighten up

Lighten Up

Use a prolonging spray to alleviate his sensations, extending your love session. Once the spray’s effect wears off, you can enjoy intensified release together.

Hold it back

Hold It Back

Love rings make it easy to edge for men. They make it possible to delay release and enhance the explosive sensations during the big finish.

Change the venue

Change the Venue

Switch to another stimulation zone right before reaching the peak. To make it easier, arm up with a versatile multispeed body massager.

Sensual rollercoaster

Sensual Rollercoaster

Experiment with stimulation modes, go from fast to slow, from hard to light. Modern vibrators with multiple patterns, where intensity cycles up and down, are the perfect tools for edging.