How To Choose The Most Life-Like Oral Sex Toys

How To Choose The Most Life-Like Oral Sex Toys

These sexy seducers work wonders – they lick, suck and tease your most sensitive spots just like a skillful lover. Interested? Dive into this guide on choosing life-like oral sex toys and get ready for the bliss that will blow your mind.

1What Are Oral Sex Imitators?

Do you prefer oral sex? Well, you’re not alone. It’s hard to beat the pleasure that juicy wet lips and skillful tongues deliver. Thankfully, today’s technology allows you to have your oral fun without depending on a partner.

Oral sex imitators are the latest trend on the sex toy market.

To be honest, in the past, mouthlike sex toys looked and felt weird. But today, these toys combine the best perks of oral sex with innovative technology. Oral gadgets for women perfectly imitate licking, stroking, kissing, sucking, and swirling. For men, the toys often come in seductive shapes that replicate the female mouth, tongue, and throat. These toys scream luxury, but man, this type of luxury is worth every penny.

2Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

Female oral sex toys are amazing gems, chock full of fun functions and a variety of vibration patterns. The main thing women adore during oral is mild stimulation of sensitive outer hotspots. Thankfully, – oral imitators offer just that. They replicate those oh-so-sensual movements of a smooth tongue and mouth.

Sweet Sucking

If you asked an oral sex connoisseur what toy best replicates oral caresses, they would name the Freestyle. This petite oral imitator is a real orgasm-inducing machine. It sparks intense, toe-curling orgasms like a cunnilingus master would.

The secret is in the unique Pleasure Air technology that creates an orgasm-inducing suction effect. The sweet pulsating suction of the toy quickly builds up arousal and lets you finish multiple times in minutes. Whether you want to replicate the bliss of oral sex or explore what oral sex feels like, you won’t find a better solution than the Freestyle.

Light Flicks

Soft flicks and sensual licks against a blooming clit and labia usually lead a woman to burst in orgasm. With Intimate flicker, you can access that pleasure at any time – having a “personal tongue” always at your disposal. This gyrating tongue will be teasing you with the intensity and resilience that’s hard to find in a human. Intimate flicker is perfect for every woman, whether she has an ultra-sensitive C-spot or not. With 10 modes of pleasure, you are bound to find a perfect one for you - from sensual, gentle licks for gals with sensitive love buttons to mind-blowingly intense stimulation for those who enjoy some extra power.

Twists And Wiggles

Imagine a taut tip of the tongue playfully twisting and wiggling around your clit. Then, imagine the delightful buzz of a vibrator resting on your sweetest bits. Last, imagine them both, combined. This toy perfectly replicates the rotating movements of a tongue while simultaneously vibrating at different speeds. Pro tip: the sweet trembling of this naughty tongue feels amazing on other body bits, too – use it to explore the bliss of rimming or nipple play.

Vibrating And Pumping

A soft flick here, a light lick there, and some side-to-side = movements of the tongue. Often, this is what it’s like when your partner goes down south – improvising, sweeping the whole erogenous zone with their mouth. Vibrating clitoral pump does that and more. It gently pumps the clit and labia filling it with irresistible lust, and makes the whole area extraordinarily sensitive to stimulation. At the same time, its nimble vibrating tongue teases the clit with vibrations at different speeds. Can you leave the party without at least one body-shaking orgasm? We’re gonna guess you can’t.


70% of women

can only orgasm if their clitoris is stimulated directly with lips, tongue, or oral sex toys.

3Best Oral Sex Toys For Men

Male sex toys tend to satisfy one of the most important components of male pleasure – the visual. That’s why most blowjob imitators come in realistic shapes. Of course, there is a large segment of imitators with whimsical design and out-of-the-way functions. If you want to bring those secret fantasies to life – those can get you there.

Orgy Of Sensations

What's better than thrusting? A blowjob. What's better than blowjobs? Thrusting. Some dudes have a hard time choosing between those two amazing stimulation types, one day dreaming to have it all. Well, one toy makes those dreams come true. This toy offers the innovative combo of a soft, realistic sleeve, vibrating tightly around his shaft while simultaneously, a playful tongue teases and licks the penis head. It offers a one-of-a kind orgasmic sensation that men won’t be able to get enough of.

Ultra-realistic Experience

Sometimes – okay, often – a man just wants a nice mouth for a sloppy, passionate blowjob. That’s when realistic blowjob imitators come into play. With the arousing view of an invitingly open mouth, the thrilling texture inside the sleeve and ergonomic design for easy handling and thrusting – what's not to love? Just put a few drops of lube inside the sleeve and thrust the mouth of that “dirty girl” as fast and deep as you want.

A good blowjob is wet, juicy, and sloppy. Simulate the wet sensation of an eager mouth by adding water-based lube - a LOT of it.

Intense Buzzing And Sucking

Many guys like to direct their blowjob – they say what they want, and their partner performs. This magical oral stimulator let’s you do the same. Pick the mode for tender foreplay or a wild frenzy suction. As an added bonus, the toy is waterproof – take it with you in the bathtub or shower and enjoy the most splash-gasmic blowjob experience.

Travel-friendly And Discreet

Everyone’s heard that men think about sex every seven seconds. While this number seems exaggerated, the fact that every man deserves to have his release and ecstasy is true. That's why the discreet masturbator is so good. The hour-glass shape of the toy creates vacuum pressure similar to that you’d feel with the sucking of a mouth. With orgasm-inducing tightness and extra teasing of textured inner walls, the toy is your gold ticket to an easy O!

4Life-like Oral Sex Enhancers

Blended Spur For Her

What can be better than oral pleasure? Only blended orgasms. Combine C and G-spot spur in one oral session with this oral enhancer set for her. While the clit pump teases and pleases her clit, she’ll l savor her G-spot climaxes with this generously lubed dildo.

Full Ecstasy Set For Him

Go 360° in your oral adventure! With this amazing set for him, he will get all the pleasure that her hot mouth and caring hands would otherwise offer. While he is guaranteed to get the A-class lip service with a mouth masturbator, the ergonomic prostate massager will deliver out-of-this-world P-spot bliss.