5 Male Sex Toys Every Girl Should Definitely Use on Him

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or looking to improve your one-night stand experience, want to spice up your foreplay moves or enhance the main act - pick a toy designed with him in mind and give him some of the most mind-blowing and intense orgasms of his life. Discover top sex toys for men and become a lover he’ll never forget.

1. Beginner
prostate massager

Ideal for those who are just starting their journey of prostate exploration, this prostate massager has perfect length and curvature to immediately find and stimulate his P-spot. Add the beady shape and exciting vibrations, and you get an absolute winner.

Silicone P-spot vibe
Silicone P-spot vibe

TIP: Lube it up, slide it in (very slowly!) and give him some oral love. You’ll be able to change the vibration patterns to find the one that hits his P-spot just right - an unforgettable blow job is guaranteed!

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2. Hands-free masturbator

This toy will become your new favorite foreplay enhancer. This hands-free vibrating masturbator has 12 preset vibration patterns with an option to program your own, and the vibes it provides are very strong. Slide it on his shaft, choose the vibration pattern (or create your own together!) and use your free hands to shower his body with your sexy touches.


TIP: Use the air lock by squeezing the right and left sides of the handle to increase the vibration power and give him some extra pleasure, then return to regular vibration patterns - a great way to add some sexy teasing to your foreplay.

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3. Anal plug

Pearl Charmer anal plug features a nice flared base, remote control, and rotating beads near the base for a nice rimming effect - just imagine the possibilities! It might be too intense for a total anal beginner, but if your guy isn't new to butt play - this will be a perfect addition to your toy box.

Pearl charmer rimming plug
Pearl charmer rimming plug

TIP: This butt plug combines vibrations with beads rotation, creating the anilingus effect. It can be a great addition to a fantastic blow job - start with just the vibrations and add the rimming function when he is ready to cross the finish line - he is guaranteed to explode with pleasure like never before.

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4. Massager
with male attachment

Although you might think massagers are intrinsically female toys - it is far from the truth. Men can definitely enjoy strong rumbly vibrations granted by powerful wand massagers, and with special male attachments, you can transform a generic wand into a top male satisfaction device.

Save 55% on massager and attachment kit
Save 55% on massager and attachment kit

TIP: If you don’t want him to finish too quickly - start with the lowest settings. Use a Hitachi style wand without the attachment to add extra stimulation to his hot zones during foreplay, or upgrade a blowjob by placing the vibrating head near his balls.

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5. Penis pump

Penis pumps are used to create or enhance his erection, and, an important one - to build up his size and girth. This particular pump has a realistic attachable sleeve, so you can pump and thrust to increase pleasurable sensations. Foreplay or an upgraded hand-job - the opportunities are endless!

Size up
Size up

TIP: Slip a cock ring on his penis before using the penis pump - it will prolong the achieved effect of extra size and girth, making your bedroom play absolutely unforgettable.

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