8 Ideas For A Joyful Quickie

8 Ideas For A Joyful Quickie

Quickies are an easy fit for our busy schedules, they let explore our sexual fantasies, can break the sexual routine cycle and allow us to exchange a burst of passion with our partners. To enjoy them to the fullest, just remember few point below:

1. One way street

1. One way street

Quickies are not about simultaneous orgasm (although it’s always a plus). They don’t even need to involve an actual intercourse. Vary your sessions and make some exclusively about oral sex. Go down on your partner and let their smile light up your day too.

2. Use technology

2. Use Technology

Women need more time than men to get aroused, so, before you hit the sack (or the kitchen floor or the shower), why not give her a little head start with a remote controlled vibrator. You’ll be ripping each other's clothes off when you finally do the deed.

3. Expedite orgasm

3. Expedite Orgasm

Being the most powerful toys, magic wands make you come easily and are great for a quickie. Have your wand ready and enjoy euphoric sessions every single time.

4. One in two

4. One in Two

When time is precious, combine the penetration and intense stimulation by using a vibrating love ring. With him inside and vibration at her tip both of you finish the session with mind blowing orgasms.

5. Fluff yourself first

5. Fluff yourself first

A bit of self pleasure before the quicky will ignite your fantasies and get you ready for the main course. Stop right before you climax, so, when you finally play together, you’ll be ready and wet and your own orgasm will be stronger.

6. Pick a prime location

6. Pick a Prime Location

Quickie in the bedroom can feel like we rushed through sex and omitted foreplay – not good. So pick a location more on target, like kitchen countertop of a hallway or even a washing machine on spin cycle. Or jump into your partner's morning shower and bring a waterproof vibrator with you for an extra jolt of pleasure.

7. Create a "quickie kit"

7. Create a 'quickie kit'

Sometimes a desire for your partner can hit us in the strangest of places. To enjoy it and cover up your crime after, have a “quickie” kit within an easy reach. Pack a small case with a lube, condoms, a small, quiet vibrator and keep it in your purse or a car.

8. Girls on top

8. Girls on top

Girl on top puts a woman in charge of the action, letting her control the speed and depth of penetration. Plus it leaves all hands free to provide as much additional stimulation as needed. Use a vibrator on the clitoris or nipples for a quick and explosive orgasm together.

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