How To Use Finger Vibrators

Tiny and super discreet, finger vibrators are little miracle-workers that make the touch of your hands feel like never before. You may perform the same actions as always when touching yourself or playing with your partner, but these buzzed-up trifles will power up your digits like a super suit. Explore the magic your fingers can deliver when armored in textured, revved-up, feature-packed finger vibrators.

1 Why Finger Vibrators?

If you love being “hands-on” in bed, finger vibrators are your go-to choice. You know that shiver your partner gets when, during foreplay, you run your fingertips against their bare skin? Now, imagine how they'd feel with your fingers clad in orgasm-inducing vibration. Masturbation can also be boosted by a hundredfold with finger vibrators. They are really discreet and will fit either your bag or your pocket perfectly, making an ideal out-n-about sex toy. It means, if the lust strikes, you’ll be armed at all times.

2 Finger Vibrators For Women

Masturbating with your fingers is classy and extremely sensual. Many ladies prefer their middle finger for solo play, with the index and the ring finger spreading the labia apart. Liven up that middle finger play by wearing a strong finger vibrator.

Teasing your partner with a handjob is a treat. Typically, the index finger would nibble the frenulum and travel along the shaft. That’s where a textured finger toy comes in - and your man just comes. Learn more about awesome handjob techniques in this guide.

3 Finger Vibrators For Men

For a man and his penis, handy masturbation is a ritual that he knows like the back of his hand. But wait - here comes the game-changer. A small, discreet vibrator that slides on your index finger and then against your frenulum will make you redefine solo time.

Causing a woman you're fingering to pull an O-face after every touch - isn’t that the dream? A single finger vibrator on your middle finger will turn simple foreplay into an orgasm-full warm-up. For, hands-down, the best fingering techniques, check out our guide.

4 Finger Vibrators In Partner’s Play

So, now that we’ve covered the main digits on the palms of both a woman and a man, it’s time to move to the main-est one. Index and middle fingers are great for flying solo or saucy foreplay, but during the main action, you’d require pressure. Precision. Strength. That is what thumbs are for.

The strongest finger on the palm, the thumb prevails at applying pressure, and, when clad in a revved-up finger vibe, can deliver surprising Os. Wearing a discreet vibrator on your thumbs during lovemaking will enable you for clit stimulation, nipple play, even a bit of anal action. Pushing your lover’s hot spots had never been as easy.



5 Features


With so many exciting textures - all the nubs and ribs, nodules and bumps - finger vibrators add a whole new bunch of experiences to your finger play. Each texture has its own effect, especially when paired with vibration, so play around with sensations, make it rough, make it sensual.

6 Add more

Try putting a couple of finger vibes on one hand - and let your fingers wander. In fact, you can get a vibe for every finger, and there you have it - Freddie Orgasm-hands!

7 Lubricate

To make those fingers smoothly caress you or your partner’s skin, don’t forget to pick a lube. We suggest water-based lubricants with tingling, warming or cooling effects - just to add some pizzazz to your stimulation.

8 Bring it along

Finger vibes are discreet and quiet - a perfect sexy tool for a surprise quickie. Bring it along for a date night, a tough work day, a walk in the park - and a light stroke of a finger can become your orgasmic naughty secret.

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