How To Choose A Mouth Gag For Intense Power Play

Ball gags are the coolest BDSM toys, the essence of domination and power play. Creating a whole sensory deprivation experience by simply silencing one of the partners is a bold move - and a really effective one. Ball gags are not the fluffiest pieces of BDSM cake, but if you are a connoisseur, you'd want to speak up.

1What's In A Ball Gag?

Ball gags carry a strong message to the sub, enforcing the feeling of helplessness and taking away the ability to speak. Having a connotation of punishment and control, they also add a strong sense of humiliation by making the person drool all over. And, quite often, the mouth gag will occupy the whole inside of the mouth, adding major discomfort to embarrassment. With or without additional restraints, this fetish is a big part of BDSM world.

However, not everyone really knows how to safely unlock mouth gags’ full pleasure potential without hurting their partner in the process.

2Are Mouth Gags Safe?

A ball gag is a personal hygiene product, just like your toothbrush, and a golden rule is to never share it with others. It may be OK to swap spit with your long-term partner, but, any other time, you need to have your own or buy a new one. Don’t trust the tales that it’s been well sanitized. If it has been sitting on someone’s shelf or has been used by someone else, it’s not worth the risk.

3What If I Drool?

When trying mouth gags for the first time, both of you should be ready for drooling, which is normal and expected in the BDSM gagging scenario and just needs to be accepted by all parties as an element of the game. You won’t be able to swallow properly when your mouth is forced open. Excess saliva will collect inside, requiring gags to be constructed in a way that slight openings, left for air, can also let all that liquid out. Trying to swallow while being gagged is counterintuitive, futile and can interfere with breathing; best course of action is to try and relax.

4Types Of Gags And How To Choose The Right One

Bit Gag

A bit gag can be perfect for a beginner - it is softer and won’t require you to keep your mouth wide open, which can be a bit rough for the first-timer. It also minimizes the risk of injury and makes the whole experience less tiresome, while the erotic moaning and mumbling still add all the expected excitement and are very arousing for both partners.

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Breathable Ball-gag

If you fancy a classic ball gag, look for a hollow one with small holes on the surface, allowing for easy breathing through the mouth. Keep in mind, that to control the pain, the excitement, and the moans, the sub may want to sink the teeth into the ball, so choose the material that is soft and pliable.

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Ring Gag

Shaped like a ring, this type of gag doesn't cover the mouth, but keeps it open, thus taking away the ability to speak. Use it with someone who trusts you fully. The submissive will feel defenseless, so, for this to be truly pleasurable, partners need to have a strong intimate bond. If things get unbearable, a silicone O-ring gag can always be spat out. That same shape allows for oral sex, adding versatility to the whole experience.

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Homemade Gag

Homemade mouth gags should always be constructed from a single object, meaning you’re either putting something inside the mouth OR covering it. It is the only way you can keep things under control and avoid accidental suffocation, regardless of whether you’re wearing it or putting it on your partner.

5Gags And Safety

Movies and TV shows have been quite misleading in what they portray as safe, and mouth gags are one of the popular misconceptions. If the mouth is covered shut, even the slightest obstruction of breathing through the nose is enough for the person to suffocate. The only safe choice is a vinyl tape, which won’t stick to the skin. It has to be wrapped around the head, so the look you get is slightly different from the movie style cheek-to-cheek silver strip.

Another dangerous way of being gagged is by putting fabric deep inside the mouth. It will cover all the airways, including the nasal passages, posing a grave danger of suffocation, especially when combined with duct tape. If you’re set on putting something inside the mouth, think of the ladies string underwear, when rolled into a ball. The mouth gag should not be any bigger.

If you like the idea of covering the mouth from the outside, try one of the silky sashes. It looks like a tape but doesn’t stick to the skin, and it lets the sub breathe.

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6Ball Gag Rule Of Thumb

What should we take away from all this? Can mouth gags add anything to our sex life? Yes, they add a whole new dimension to the BDSM and BDSM inspired games. Are they generally safe to use? Yes! Just choose the right one for your purpose and your experience level to avoid possible trauma.

So pick the right one and enjoy being gagged or gagging your partner for a very erotic experience!

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