Best Toys For Sex Without Penetration

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Sex without penetration isn’t really sex,” but that vanilla myth couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s more to human sexuality than the shape and size of our sexual organs or how deeply a penis can penetrate a vagina. Pleasure is personal. It involves the preferred movements and sensations that each of us enjoys in his or her own fashion.

Caressing, kissing, touching, rubbing, sucking, licking, and even biting - anything that delivers an orgasm - counts as sex. If you want to change direction from intercourse to outercourse and experience the deepest level of satisfaction, these amazing non-penetrative sex toys will show you the way.


Oral Master

When most people think about non-penetrative sex, the first thing that comes to mind is oral. But can such an orally achieved orgasm be as satisfying as a G-spot climax? Some argue the G-gasm is the be-all and end-all of Big Os, but not everyone who tries it is “up” to the task... if you catch our drift.

Will women trade spectacular oral caresses for mediocre penetration? In a word - YES! With an oral replicator (such as the Foreplay kisser) that skillfully mimics a partner’s mouth and lip caresses, you’re guaranteed to deliver body-shaking, 10-out-of-10 satisfying climaxes without even a hint of penetration every time.


Discreet Teaser

Even devoted fans of penetration agree that outercourse has the upper hand when it “cums” to keeping sexy play on the down-low. Tiny clit teasers are extremely travel-friendly. You can pop one in your travel case to slip inside your panties anytime you like - and no one will be any the wiser.

This Clit love , for example, has a discreet design and a shape that offers endless possibilities for non-penetrative sex, along with surprisingly powerful vibrations. Press its buzz-bunny ears against your intimate hot spots, and voilà - orgasm!


Mighty Specialist

If you let every sexual escapade that doesn’t involve penetration become a new adventure, you can explore new erogenous zones, check out erotic massage, give squirting a try or even dabble in the thrills of hyperstimulation. Of course, for an advanced course in outercourse, the most versatile toy to have in your nightstand is a trusty wand massager.

The deep, rumbling vibrations of magic wands are equally good for relaxation, squirting orgasms, and achieving a series of multiple Os without penetration - which is the reason why wand vibrators are called “magic” in the first place.


Clitty Rocket

A pocket rocket is just what it sounds like: a toy so compact you can hide it in a pocket - but powerful, like a tiny rocket. Thanks to a tiny metal tip at the top, the super-precise stimulation these toys deliver to the clit, labia, or nipples makes them the perfect accouterment for outer-sex. Lightweight, easy to use, incredibly powerful, with mini-powerhouses like the Vibrant pocket vibe, you can achieve cosmic orgasms whenever the desire strikes, in practically no time at all.


Finger Upgrader

You’ve heard the expression, “everything old is new again” haven’t you? Many innovations are based on classic ideas, and a good outer-gasm is no exception. You can add a new dimension to the sensations you’ve already mastered with the most basic sex tools of all - your fingers!

There’s nothing better suited than the sensitive sensors in your fingertips to find her hidden hot spots. When you update your digital prowess with a Passion Finger Vibe, you’ll be bringing invigorating vibrations to the mix that deliver tingling and tangible results in the form of mind-blowing orgasms.

10 Best Toys To Enjoy Sex Without Penetration


climax faster during non-penetrative sex rather than with standard penetration.


Sweet Squeezer

For most women - and lots of men - nipple play is a sure-fire way to boost arousal and bring on climaxes faster. But did you know that the chances to achieve an elusive “nipplegasm” are actually increased during non-penetrative sex session? The reason is that the focus of stimulation is switched from internal to external erogenous zones. While every nipple has a different sensitivity, the sweet pressure that these soft, adjustable clamps deliver will feel fantastic to just about everyone.



Sex without penetration is sex without boundaries. You don't have to be limited by the space of a single room or house. In fact, your partner can give you orgasms from afar without laying a hand - or any other part - on you. From across the bedroom, at a party, or while taking a stroll in the park, with an amazing toy like this one, you’re free to let your lover satisfy your lust by giving you satisfaction no matter where you are.


Light Kinky Set

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: not that there isn’t a time and a place for a hard thrusting cock, but for lots of people, sexual contentment does NOT have to be about penetration. Desire is a selective state of mind. Perception and sensations can be amped up with just a couple of naughty words, a tender touch, or a slightly rough move.

Blindfolding, naughty teasing or gentle spanking can often give more pleasure than direct stimulation of erogenous zones. This light BDSM kit is a subtle invitation for couples who want to add an exquisite hint of kink to their sex play.


Oral Enhancer

Studies show that seven out of 10 women climax during cunnilingus. Those odds are pretty good, but if you want your mouth-love session to end in an almost guaranteed climax, an oral enhancer will give you a great advantage.

Worn on your partner’s tongue, this toy’s tingling vibrations and teasing taps will make you squirm with ravishment as your partner pleasures you with advanced oral skills that will bring you to an entirely new threshold of orgasmic ecstasy.


Hungry Licker

And last but not least, get devoured like a queen you are with this master of licking. Doing long and lavish flat tongue licks against your arousal or tickling with the tip to drive you mad with the tease, this pretty boi will undo you.

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