Super Hot Tips On How To Feel Tighter For Him

When you are aroused, your vagina physically prepares for lovemaking by relaxing, self-lubricating and stretching to accommodate your partner - it's biology. But a tight fit still makes penetration feel amazing both for you and your bae. There's a ton of things that can make you feel wider than needed - starting with childbirth and ending right around the thickness of your boo's penis.

Explore 5 super hot tips on how to create a tighter feel for you both and enjoy a super-intense stimulation that will make yours and his sensations blow up through the roof.

1Tone And Strengthen Your Muscles

Since being, well, muscles, your vaginal and pelvic floor bad boys can fatigue and create less of a squeeze. Kegel exercises, which are named after the doctor who popularized them, are the perfect way to revive fatigued vaginal muscles and tense them up a bit. Doing them periodically throughout the day will build up your strength and create that tighter feeling you are craving. Learn the most effective Kegel exercises that restore tightness. It's like yoga for your yoni!

To up the level of your training and to have some tingly orgasms as a bonus, slip inside a Kegel exerciser prior to your hoo-ha workout. Holding them inside while they giggle and sway will require more tension - which means more results - and higher intensity, which means some moans can slip out.

How can you check if your vaginal walls are getting stronger? The more toned you will become, the easier it will be for you to hold the balls in place.

Small and discreet, but easy to use. They help keep my pelvic floor in tip-top shape!

2Plug And Plow

Another awesome option for making your tunnel of love feel tighter is by elevating the anterior wall of your vagina. Arch your back and tilt your butt up, or slide a position pillow under your hips - these tricks really work for creating a tighter, fuller feeling. Another amazing and even more pleasurable way to add additional pressure is using anal toys during penetration. Ooh, those plugs can really stir his penis toward your G-spot, you can't even imagine.

Actually, there's a lot of cool stuff plugs can do for your butt-tastic orgasms. Wearing a plug not only creates that ultra-sexy tight feeling in your v-jay-jay, but the applied pressure from behind makes you feel much more aroused.

I filled her wet pussy with my hard cock and with every thrust the butt plug rattled and she started to really enjoy... Her tight little butt really enjoyed the Vibro.

3Go Double Stuffed

Since we're still on the topic of elevating your vaginal walls, we are simply obliged to talk about double penetration. It's certainly similar to the previous tips with a butt plug snuggled comfortably between your cheeks, but a duet of thrusting shafts is a whole different thing. With a vibrating ring that packs a twinning shaft, you will get the most literal double penetration experience you can without inviting a third into your bedroom.

Lifelike thrusting that is powered by nothing but your lover's passion - jk, a roaring bullet plays a part, too - will fill you up simultaneously from both sides. The pressure of this dual pounding will soon push you both over the edge.

It didn't take long, and she was cumming all over my c*ck and the Penetrator - good thing it's water-proof.

4Fill Up The Space Inside

Partnered sex is not only about how tight your hot spots are grinding against each other. It is the ability to build intimacy and share pleasure. C-shaped vibrators provide both making you closer emotionally and physically. The two arms of a C-shaped vibrator cup your C and G-spots sitting snugly inside during penetration without blocking the way for his shaft. Not only does this give in-n-out stimulation for you, but when he slides inside, it basically turns your love tunnel into a super tight vibrator for him.

I had my husband enter me, and he immediately moaned in pleasure... Getting to feel the same vibrations that were getting me off was something he enjoyed a lot.

5From Pump To Plump

If you are looking to try something a bit different or have a partner that gets turned on by the visual of a tight full vagina, a pussy pump is your cup of tea. These clever devices draw blood into your labia and clitoris basically by creating a vacuum over them. Once your lady parts are fully engorged, you become more sensitive to vibrations, tingles, and touch.

When the suction is removed, your labia will be swollen and look puffier, which has a unique appeal. The swollen tissue also creates a tighter feeling to the entrance of your vagina. It creates that sexy squeeze you are looking for and increases the friction for you as his penis rubs over you which feels amazing.

As soon as you start pumping, you will feel all your feminine parts being sucked up, and I became aroused very very fast.

Have him "pump up" too, so that your sweet bits can be at their fullest upon collision

6Positioning Is Everything

We've all heard that changing up the sex positions is a great way to keep the boink fresh. Here are 3 amazing positions that will help provide that sexy snug fit you crave and shake up your play a bit.

The Deep Tissue Massage

For this sex position, lay flat on your stomach with your legs about shoulder-width apart. Have your partner slide in from behind with his knees outside your legs. Once he is in place, bring your legs together and cross your ankles. You can lift your pelvis or place a pillow under your hips to change the angle of his thrusts. If you need a little extra boost, use your fingers to stimulate your clit or add the buzz of your fav vibe.

The Deep Tissue Massage

The Cobra Sex Position

For this sexy position, have him lay on his back, and bend his knees up. Lay between his spread knees holding your upper body up with your arms, basically in a Reverse Missionary sex position. You can cross your ankles and give an even tighter squeeze while you roll your hips or thrust deeply.

The Cobra Sex Position

The C-ring Sex Position

For this yummy position, you will lie on your side with your bottom leg straight down and placed in between his. As he is thrusting into you from behind, he can place pressure on your butt or leg to add more of that delightful tight feeling. Not only is this amazingly snug and great for an extended session, but it leaves your hands free to add any additional stimulation you need for your clit, breasts, or other hot spots.

The Cobra Sex Position

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