Sensation Play In BDSM: 5 Senses, Sea Of Orgasms

A kink-curious beginner will love sensation play for its non-intimidating simplicity and erotic excitement. An advanced BDSM fan will appreciate it for the sensation of "dangerous pleasure". From tickling the wrists with a feather tickler to the vigorous spanking of a butt with a crop - BDSM satisfies everyone's desires and charges with euphoria anyone who dares to experiment. Explore what types of sensation play will suit your couple best and see what sex toys will turn all five of your senses into floodgates of bliss.

What Is Sensation Play In BDSM?

Let's begin simple - sensual play (aka sensory BDSM play) include all activities that manipulate your five senses. Creating a new or uncommon experience for your vision, hearing, taste, smell, or touch - that's sensory play. For example, you can shake up your sense of touch by spanking or your sense of smell via a pleasant fragrance. Putting a blindfold on and depriving one of their vision will highlight all other senses, and bringing a sweet edible lube into the game will make your taste buds purr.

What Is Sensory Deprivation In BDSM?

Sensory deprivation is a form of sensation play where the Bottom's senses (sight, hearing, taste, scent, touch) are restricted. So, instead of just teasing your partner with a tickler, you would put a blindfold on them - that would turn your sensory play into sensory deprivation play. Use blindfolds, ribbons, ball gags, and other BDSM tools. Limiting physical movement is also a type of sensory deprivation. To restrain the Bottom's body you can use cuffs, ropes, bondage bars.

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To understand how sensory deprivation works, think of how you feel when you close your eyes - you feel more fragrances, noises, every move of a hair on your arm. All senses become more acute - now imagine making that acuteness sexual! Sensory deprivation is a lot about trust and intimacy, as well - letting your Top lead your through the world where you cannot see or move is very bonding, and with the right tools - highly erotic.

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Hot wax, ice, whips, incense, ball gags, feather dusters - anything can be used in BDSM sensory play.

Most Popular Types Of Sensation Play

When the body is aroused, the sensations of tickling and teasing feel so erotic and provocative that a receiver literally squirms of pleasure. Try tickling your partner's neck, back of knees or soles of their feet with your fingertips, a feather or a fluffy tickler. Remember that some people are more ticklish than others, so the intensity of play must vary depending on the Bottom's preferences.


Fluffy tickler
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Temperature Play

Does the thought of using luxury BDSM tools bring you fever? Cool down and look around - ice and fire play should be your cup of tea. Natural and arousing, temperature play tickles anyone's fancy and heightens the sensitivity of the skin. If ice cubes and hot wax are somewhat over your kinky head, glass sex toys are your to-go temperature luxury. They look elegant and artsy, they feature playful textures and their touch on someone's skin brings on them goosebumps - the good kind. If you want to discover all the secrets of playing with glass, explore this 100° HOT guide.

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If you think that lubes and gels are only for adding extra wetness down there, think again. Of course, arousing lubes and gels make things wetter and better but the main reason why they worth your attention is their ability to spur your senses. Cooling, warming, tingling gels - you make your pick. There are special gels that improve clit sensitivity and even help her come faster. There are lubes that make the G-spot more prominent and easier to stimulate. There are numbing potions that can make any tease play last for hours - so add some glide to your sensory play scenario!

Lube Up With Arousing Gels

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79% of women

say that the regular use of lube and arousing gels made their intimate life better.

Scent And Taste Play

Certain flavors and smells can really meddle with your sensitivity. They can make the Bottom super excited and peppy or calm and relaxed. Depending on which way you want for the game to go, you can choose the fragrances to set the right scene. By combining simultaneous stimulation of both the sense of scent and taste you get stronger effects.

To make the Bottom more receptive to scent and aroma, do some sensory deprivation and put a blindfold on their eyes. Treat them to something tasty and with a nice fragrance, but don't tell them what it is - yup, it's food play at its best. If bringing along some whipped cream or Nutella into your bedroom feel a bit extreme (and messy), spread edible lube with a fruity flavor all over your body and offer them to lick it off while being blindfolded. Do you think they can guess the treat?

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Impact Play

Think that the only sensation that spanking provides is the feeling of a burning skin? Then it's time to see this kind of sensation play in a new light. The whole ritual of preparing the booty for the game - massaging the buttocks, squeezing, tapping them lightly - is highly erotic. It makes the receiver sweetly tremble in anticipation of the first slap. Be creative - send your smacks with different speed and angle, try out different spanking tools. Paddles, crops, whips, or just your hand - choose different toys for different scenarios. If you want to get some extra tips on how to spank, read this cheeky guide.

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To intensify the sensations of spanking do it in a warm shower or after ice play. Wet skin is more perceptive to the touch.

Advanced Types Of Sensation Play

Nipple Clamps Play

Sweet torture of sensitive nipples is not for novices - but blessed are advanced players who dare to enjoy it. Pulling and tugging of the nipple can be a punishment or a reward, depending on your BDSM scenario of choice. A pinching pressure that nipple clamps provide is all you need to savor the insanely ecstatic mix of pleasure and pain. The sensations the Bottom will experience highly depend on the type of clamps. They come in a variety of styles, range in intensity, some feature vibration, can be adjustable or not. To check out more types of booby traps, aka nipple toys, go to our boobylicous guide.

Beginners should try simple pinchers like tweezers and definitely choose adjustable options. Clover or butterfly clamps are non-adjustable and will apply more pressure when pulled. This sensation play is a whole new level - not just a tease anymore, but a full-on infliction of pain. Any player, whether a noob or an aficionado, shouldn't use nipple restraints for more than 20 mins in a row - the feeling of the blood coming back to the areola will be intense enough, believe us.

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Cock And Ball Play/Torture

Known as cock and ball torture (CBT), this type of play is more in the humiliation realm, although it depends on the intensity of play. Teasing and tugging and nibbling on the "package" is actually extremely arousing, even though many men avoid it fearing pain. Just keep an open mind and a playful attitude! For starters, throw a leather cock ring into the mix, then move up to a ball divider or a soft cock cage - those things should ease the dude into the idea that there are other types of sensation beyond sucking and thrusting.

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Overstimulation With Vibrations

Powerful sex toys with revved-up motors are good for not only giving you super-powerful orgasms. You can use them for hyperstimulation with vibrations - we're talking good ol' forced orgasms. The technique is simple, the experience is fantastic. Just don't turn off the toy after the receiver got their finish - pull them over their edge! Did they come the second time? Keep going. The nerve endings will be stimulated so intensely the receiver's sensations will blow up throw the roof. This is the type of sensory play that can really send the Bottom into the fabled orgasmic BDSM trans. To learn more on that, check out our hyperstimulation guide.

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When the word "kinky" sounds not like a challenging adventure but like just another fun night, it's about time to explore the world of electro-stimulation. Is E-stim dangerous? Not at all if you use specially created for E-stimulation sex toys and follow basic safety rules. Does it bring back the sensations of freshness and excitement when you think you've tried everything? It does. Depending on the type of E-stim toy and mode of the intensity you can give the receiver a wide variety of sensations - from teasing and tingling to pain.

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Attached Weights

Let's be sincere - BDSM wouldn't be so enticing if it were limited with vanilla ticklers and feathers. We love BDSM because it lets us explore and release our dark side. Though the practice of added weights, in fact, doesn't imply more than the name suggests. It means you play with sex toys that have additional weight. As a result of such play, the receiver feels droning pressure leading to euphoria and "flying".

The most popular types of play with weights are ball stretching with weighty cock rings and nipple torture with metal nipple clamps. The Bottom decides how much weight they want to experiment with and gives a Top a signal when it's time to add some extra weight or take the weights off. Remember that sensation play with weights is good when it's not too long. If you are a beginner in playing with weights, a 10-minute session is your safe time.

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Hot Sensation Play/Sensory Deprivation Ideas

All these amazing practices can be a part of your session - for example. a foreplay - but they also can be a treat on their own. Remember that sensory play can be very different - even the lightest strokes of a brush can turn into a sting of a flogger. Consider sensory play (especially when mixed with sensory deprivation) as a fun game that turns your lover into a toy, as well, and makes your sexual fantasies your playground.

Sensation play opens up your creativity and lets you explore your sexualities together.

Start off by having your Bottom lie down on a bed or table. Have them lay face-up with his/her legs spread apart, hands at the sides or above the head. Now decide if you want your play to involve sensory deprivation. Who are we kidding - of course, you do! Have the Bottom wear a blindfold and earplugs. If it's on your sexy menu tonight, you can even restrain your partner.

After the Bottom is deprived of some of their senses - and mind that the blindfold is a must-have - bring out your "weapons" of choice. Make it a surprise and keep them lingering in the sweet suspense of the unknown pleasures that await. Here are some types of play you can try.

Soft touch blindfold
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The Ribbon Play

Take the ribbon (or lace or rope) by one end, let the loose end drag continuously over the Bottom's body. Be gentle and deliberate with the placement, as well as the motion of the string. Bring it close to the Bottom's hot zones, but don't make direct contact. Try starting from one leg, continuing across the tummy, and then down the other leg. Don't forget about the feet and the hands - especially for the ticklish Bottoms it's the best treat.

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Warm Water And A Small Paintbrush

Take a really soft paintbrush and dip it into the water. Hold one end of the brush firmly between your fingers and, with the other hand, flick/tap the end of the brush just below the bristles to sprinkle their body and make them shiver. Then do long, languid strokes on their hips and inner thighs, paint up around the nipples, the neck, and gently behind the ears. You can choose to use it on the sweet bits region, but be sure the brush is brand new.

If a brush feels too vanilla for you, choose a fetish pinwheel to trace the wet strokes of the brush - your Bottom will never see it coming. Roll the wheel across their skin for a light tickling touch, or press harder to leave marks.

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Ice And A Drinking Straw

With an ice cube or cooled down glass toy, gently touch the Bottom's shoulder, but only for a second. Bring the ice/toy to their chest, gently circle around the areolas, and then brush against the nipples. Lift the leg a little and run the ice from the ankle to the area behind the knee, then do the same for the other leg - and feast your eyes on them goosebumps. When the Bottom's begging for it, bring the cube to their fun area, gently brush and dub onto the head of the penis or the tip of the clit - make them shiver.

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