Everything You Need to Know About Nipple Toys

Guide To Nipple Toys: Everything You Need To Know

You have certainly played with nipples in the bedroom - stroking, teasing, pinching, and licking is always arousing and stimulating. Now consider taking your game to a new level. You could never get the stimulation nipple toys provide using hands or tongue. Moreover, breast stimulators leave your hands and tongue free to explore other hot spots, so choose the right set for you and play away. Nipple toys easily vary from sweet vanilla implements to kinky BDSM props, differ in shapes, sizes, effects, but their aim stays - stimulating the nipple, bringing fabulous sensations. This guide will help you choose the best type for your needs and enjoy the enhanced sexual pleasure.

Why should you get a pair ASAP?

The awareness of being naughty

The awareness of being naughty

As always, self-perception is essential. Realizing that you’re wearing a naughty and kinky piece that is considered bondage, is exceptionally stimulating on its own. Constant awareness of one of the most sensitive spots on your body leads you to a state of feeling hot and sexy and makes you spread extraordinary vibes. Especially if you’re weaRing clamps under clothes, in the workplace or on a date with your partner - that perpetual tease is a huge turn-on.

Incredible visual stimulation

Incredible visual stimulation

Nipple toys are overwhelming for the non-wearer as well. One can be turned on just by looking at the toy, the zones of the body that are involved in the play, taking control of the levels of pleasure and pain. Even if you are not the one wearing stimulators, you get your share of breathtaking sensation, the taste of dominance, and the experience of being "bad" together.



Naturally, the exceptional gift of nipple toys is the effects on the second most sensitive erogenous zone. By restricting the blood flow and making the tip of the nipple a little numb, these enhancers create erotic pressure and tactile stimulation. The greatest part comes after you take them off - blood rushes back into the nipple, making it very erect and extraordinarily sensitive to whatever stimulation comes next.



And now, the cherry on top of the nipple toys benefits. A recent study tested how men and women react to nipple stimulation. A startling reaction was discovered through the MRI scanner - while nipples were stimulated, the sensory cortex was directly activated. In turn, it sent arousing signals straight to the genitals. It’s a medical fact that there are people who can climax solemnly by nipple stimulation. This phenomenon is called nipplegasm and is very special because the orgasmic wave comes from the place we typically don’t expect.

Nipple toys materials

Nipple toys materials

Typical nipple enhancers are mainly a mix of materials - for example, metal and rubber, plastic, silicone, feathers, and even fur. They are very durable and versatile in shapes and levels of pleasure and pain provided. The core material is usually non-porous, easy to clean and store. It’s important to keep in mind possible allergic reactions because the toy will stay in contact with your skin for quite some time.

Nipple toys types


Based on the principle of vertical clamping, tweezers are more of a decorative nipple toy. They provide enjoyable stimulation, restricting blood flow from the desired zone, so when they are removed, the circulation will restore, bringing an incredible sensation. Perfect for beginners, easily regulated with a small metallic band from little to almost no pressure.

I recommend giving these a try, especially if you've never tried nipple clamps before but have been curious.

Nipple suckers

One of the least intimidating nipple toys, suckers take sensations to a whole new level. When the bulb on top is squished, the toy draws in a piece of skin, aggravating the blood flow and making it very receptive to touch. It’s best to take breaks while playing with nipple suckers, to allow the blood flow to go back to normal, and then put them on again. Suckers are typically very gentle, so don’t worry about too much pressure.

Proving that the best toys don't always come with all the bells and whistles, these little suckers grab onto the nipples and hold on tight. Prepare yourself for a night of pleasurable teasing and heightened sensitivity.

Ring clamps

A kinky type of nipple jewelry, they have more of an esthetic effect, than physical. Still, they are great at slightly restricting blood flow to the nipples, consequently making them super sensitive. Although they’re non-adjustable, they still provide just enough pressure to feel the “pinch” and can be worn comfortably under the clothes.

Adjustable clamps

The most common type of clamps, and the most practical one. The soft rubber tips define them as beginner-friendly, and the ability to tighten the squeeze will make the pros happy. The static pressure of these clamps is increased by controlling screws on each clamp.

You can work your way from just barely clamping them onto your nipples and getting used to the pain/pleasure aspect of them, all the way to tightening them up and experiencing the grip of a Greek God on meth pulling on your extremely hard nipples.

Vibrating clamps

A step ahead from simple Adjustable clamps, these toys are not only providing controlled pressure but also add a thrilling vibe to your already super sensitive nipples. The big bonus of Vibrating clamps is that a vibrating bullet on each clamp is usually quite heavy, so you have three types of stimulation in one toy: adjustable pressure, vibration, and gravity impact.

E-Stim clamps

When you are ready for a more intense nipple play, it is time to choose electric stimulation clamps. Those are simple clamps, non-adjustable, much like clothes’ pegs in shape. E-stim clamps come with a straightforward controller, using which you can regulate the power of electrical impulse.

Clover/Butterfly clamps

The ultra level of nipple play, clover clamps, also known as butterflies, look a bit “ouchie” - that’s because they are. Best fitted for the advanced users, clover clamps are non-adjustable and provide the highest level of static pressure, mixing pleasure with pain. A great prop for a BDSM session.

Chained clamps

It’s hard to put Chained clamps into a separate category because almost every listed type could include a chain between two assets. Clamps that are connected with a chain or a thread of beads are fantastic for extra sensory play - a touch of a cold chain may be a big turn-on. Also, the chain can be pushed through a collar to make a brilliant BDSM implement, or connected to another chain with a clamp, to form a Y-shaped toy, providing additional stimulation to genitals.

Сhief guidelines of using nipple toys

  • All types of stimulators are designed to stop or limit blood flow so that the nipple will go slightly numb to burst into sensations later. Remember these basic rules to keep your play both pleasant and safe.
  • The smaller is the amount of skin the toy is covering, the shorter is the period you should keep it on.
  • Wear nipple toys for 15 to 20 minutes tops, then let the nipples breathe for a while. Use this time to experiment with supersensitivity.
  • Nipple toys apply to other body parts, like buttcheeks or thighs, which are less sensitive and allow for a longer wearing session.
  • Even if it’s not you who will be wearing nipple enhancers during the play, try them on first. You’ll get the idea of the feeling and what you can or cannot do.
  • Wearing nipple enhancers is fun and straightforward, but taking them off might be tricky. Try doing it as softly as possible, gradually bringing the skin back to normal. Avoid rubbing irritated spots - it may worsen the pain.
  • Never use clothes’ pegs as nipple clamps. Although it might seem like a reasonable and cheap replacement, the spring of a peg does not confine to the laws of the bedroom and might be potentially harmful, so better leave it for laundry.