Everything You Need to Know About Nipple Toys

Guide To Nipple Toys: Everything You Need To Know

Nipple play - stroking, teasing, pinching, and licking - is certainly stimulating, but if you’re thinking of taking nipple delights to a new level, it’s time to break out the toys. Simply put, nipple toys deliver a kind of intense stimulation that the hands or tongue simply cannot provide. Better still, breast stimulators leave the hands and mouth free to explore other erogenous zones, so your bedroom pleasure can be multiplied many times over. The variety of nipple toys is vast. You can find everything from sweet vanilla playthings to kinky BDSM props. But no matter their shape, size, or features, they all have the same delightful purpose - stimulating nipples by delivering fabulous sensations. This guide will help you choose the best toy for your lovemaking style and comfort level to maximize sexual gratification through nipple play.

Why should you get a pair ASAP?

That delightful naughty feeling

The awareness of being naughty

Self-perception is an essential facet of human sexuality. Delving into the sensual world of BDSM for the first time can be a truly life-changing experience. Wearing something kinky on one of the body’s most sensitive spots heightens awareness and creates delicious erotic tension - especially when worn under clothes in the workplace or out on a date. The constant sensation of having something illicit hidden beneath your clothes creates a sexually charged aura for the wearer - and anyone who’s in on their naughty secret.

Visual stimulation and so much more

Incredible visual stimulation

Wearing nipple toys sends is a visual message to your lover that can be a huge turn-on in and of itself, but these toys create excitement on many levels. The bigger picture encompasses not only the beauty of the breasts but also speaks to the level and direction of your play. Who will be in control? How far will you take the pain to increase the pleasure? The shared experience of breathtaking sensation, the taste of dominance, of being "bad" together, gives many couples a deeper sense of trust that enhances intimacy and ensures the gratification of mutual desires.

Heightened sensitivity


Nipple toys can evoke an erotic mood visually and mentally, but their most important function is the gift of physical pleasure that they impart to one of the body’s most sensitive erogenous zones. Restricting blood flow and gently numbing the nipple tip creates sensual pressure and tactile stimulation. The most profound sensations are experienced when the clamps are removed, and blood rushes back into the nipples, making them extremely erect and extraordinarily sensitive to whatever stimulation comes next.



The “nipplegasm” is literally “the cherry on top” of an already delightful sexual concoction. In a recent study that tested the way in which men and women react to nipple stimulation, a startling discovery was made. Data recorded from an MRI scanner revealed that when nipples are stimulated, the sensory cortex of the brain is activated, which in turn sends arousal signals directly to the genitals. The medically proven ability to climax solely as a result of nipple stimulation is called “nipplegasm.” People don’t normally associate orgasms with nipple stimulation alone, perhaps because the state is rarely achieved via traditional oral or manual stimulation. The likelihood of becoming “nipplegasmic” is greatly enhanced by the use of toys specifically designed for nipple stimulation.

Nipple toys materials

Nipple toys materials

Nipple enhancers are typically comprised a mix of materials. For example, metal and rubber, plastic, silicone, feathers, and even fur. They are very durable and versatile in shapes and levels of pleasure and pain provided. The core material is usually non-porous, easy to clean and store. Since toys do remain in contact with the skin for extended periods of time, it’s important to consider possible allergic reactions to some of these materials.

Types of Nipple Toys


Based on the principle of vertical clamping, tweezers are generally regarded as decorative in purpose. They do, however, provide enjoyable stimulation by mildly restricting blood flow. When they’re removed, circulation is restored, bringing an incredible sensation to the nipples. Perfect for beginners, the pressure is easily adjusted via a small metallic band from very light to barely perceptible.

I recommend giving these a try, especially if you've never tried nipple clamps before but have been curious.

Nipple suckers

One of the least intimidating nipple toys, suckers take nipple sensations to a new level, but they’re typically very gentle, so you don’t have to worry about too much pressure being applied. When the bulb on top is squeezed, the toy draws in a piece of skin, stimulating blood flow and making the area very receptive to touch. One important tip when playing with nipple suckers: It’s best to take periodic breaks. Once circulation returns to normal, you can put them back on.

Proving that the best toys don't always come with all the bells and whistles, these little suckers grab onto the nipples and hold on tight. Prepare yourself for a night of pleasurable teasing and heightened sensitivity.

Ring clamps

A kinky type of nipple jewelry, ring clamps offer more of an esthetic effect than a physical one. Still, they’re wonderful for slightly restricting blood flow to the nipples, consequently making them super sensitive. Although ring clamps are non-adjustable, they still provide just enough pressure to feel the “pinch,” and can be worn comfortably under clothing.

Adjustable clamps

The most common type of clamps - and the most practical - adjustable clamps are equipped with control screws to increase or decrease pressure. The soft rubber tips make them beginner-friendly, while the option of being able to create a truly “tight squeeze” will appeal to more experienced users as well.

You can work your way from just barely clamping them onto your nipples and getting used to the pain/pleasure aspect of them, all the way to tightening them up and experiencing the grip of a Greek God on meth pulling on your extremely hard nipples.

Vibrating clamps

A step up from simple adjustable clamps, vibrating clamps not only provide controlled pressure but also add a thrilling buzz to super sensitized nipples. Another bonus of these nipple enhancers is that the vibrating bullet portion of the clamp is usually quite heavy, which creates an erotic tugging sensation, so you get three types of stimulation in one toy - adjustable pressure, vibration, and the pull of gravity.

E-Stim clamps

When you’re ready for more intense nipple play, electric stimulation clamps are the way to go. These clamps are simple in design, non-adjustable, and generally shaped like a clothespin. A straightforward controller allows you to regulate the power of the electrical impulses.

Clover/Butterfly clamps

Designed for the most sophisticated level of nipple play, if clover clamps (also known as butterflies) look a bit “ouchie” - that’s because they are. Best suited to advanced use, non-adjustable clover clamps are the perfect prop for any BDSM session, providing the highest level of static pressure to create an intoxicating mixture of pleasure and pain.

Chained clamps

Pretty much any type of nipple clamp can be enhanced by a chain attachment. Connecting clamps with a chain or thread of beads create many additional pleasure options for your sensory play. Just a touch of cold metal against hot skin can be wickedly erotic. Chains can also be pushed through a collar to create a brilliant BDSM accessory, or connected to another chain with a clamp, forming a Y-shaped toy to provide additional genital stimulation.

A Guide to Using Nipple Toys

  • All types of stimulators are designed to stop or limit blood flow in order to numb the nipple. When this pressure is released, an amazing rush of sensations is unleashed. But restricting blood flow is not something that should be done without taking proper precautions. To keep your play both pleasant and safe, be sure to follow these rules.
  • The smaller the amount of skin a toy is covering, the shorter the period of time you should leave it on.
  • Wear nipple toys for 15 to 20 minutes at the most, then remove them to restore circulation and let the skin breathe. You can use these “time outs” to experiment with levels of sensitivity.
  • Nipple toys can be used on other body parts, such as buttcheeks or thighs. These areas are less sensitive and allow for longer use.
  • Even if you’re not the one who will be wearing the nipple enhancers during play, try them on first to get the idea of how they feel, and what you can and cannot do.
  • Wearing nipple enhancers is pretty straightforward, but taking them off can be more tricky. Try to remove them as gently as possible, gradually allowing the skin to return to normal, and don’t rub any spots that are irritated, as it may actually worsen pain.
  • Clothespins are for laundry. Nipple clamps are for nipple play. Although they may seem like a cheap and reasonable substitute for purpose-built nipple toys, clothespins are not designed for bedroom play, and may actually cause physical injury to the wearer.