Gifting Lingerie: A Foolproof Guide

Gifting Lingerie: A Full-Proof Guide For Gentlemen

We understand how tricky selecting the perfect piece or set of lingerie for that exceptional lady in your life can be. It might seem like rocket science, but don’t worry. We’re here to get you through the mission. This guide will help you navigate the sexy but sometimes confusing world of ladies’ undergarments.

Be sure to look for our special “Golden Rules” throughout the text. These tips will help de-mystify the most puzzling aspects of lingerie buying so you can gift with confidence.

Golden Rule #1

Buy what she likes, not what you’d like to see her wearing. Paying attention to her desires will boost her self-confidence big-time, and the result will be a stunning womanly display that’s sure to please both of you.

Lingerie types

Golden Rule #2

With more than 40 types of bras and panties to choose from, your lingerie selection should first and foremost reflect your lover’s needs. You want to help her look fantastic, so she’ll feel empowered and desired. Always take her style and figure into consideration when making your selections.

Dresses & Gowns

Traditional bedroom dresses and gowns are revealing and provocative while remaining elegant. This alluring combination offers the possibility of wearing these garments “out and about,” as well as in the boudoir, and since lingerie as outerwear is a major turn-on for both the wearer and her audience, you’re in for a win/win situation.

Golden Rule #3

Every woman’s wardrobe needs a signature piece. Seductive dresses and gowns are perfect for this, since they make a great starting point on which you can build, adding accessories and complementary garments to create an entire stunning and sexy ensemble.

Bra & Panty Sets

When it comes to sexy lingerie, bra and panty sets are much like regular underwear - just a little more frisky. Sets made of fetish materials, or those that are lavishly embellished aren’t necessarily meant to be worn every day, but just knowing that you have something delightfully wicked on under your office clothes and that your secret might “slip” into view at a moment - can be wildly erotic.


Bodystockings are a hugely popular style of lingerie because they fit pretty much every body type. They’re like wearing a pair of stockings that run from your toes to your shoulders - hugging every curve along the way, and smoothing the thighs, arms, and tummy. Firmly supported by the shoulders, bodystockings never slip down, but most are crotchless, allowing easy access for both the call of nature and the call of play.

Golden Rule #4

Texture is a huge turn-on. The skin is filled with countless nerve endings hungry for sensation, and the tantalizing touch of lace on every exposed inch of flesh makes women feel oh-so-sexy.


Teddies are the most practical and alluring lingerie to wear under clothes. Easily tucked into a skirt or trousers, teddies accentuate curves and hide imperfections for an effect that’s slimming, flattering - and sexy!

Corsets and Bustiers

While corsets, bustiers, and basques differ in cup styling and method of fastening, they’re all part of a structured lingerie category that’s based on tight boning designed to pull the body together, smoothing and shaping it to perfection.

Golden Rule #5

Getting out of a corset can be tricky in the heat of passion. Why not have your lover try keeping it on throughout your sexy play? The experience can be very arousing - for both of you.

Babydolls & Chemises

Gossamer and feminine, delicate and tempting, babydolls and chemises are the perfect choice for women who like to wear a light, flirtatious bedroom outfit that’s both totally tempting, and yet still leaves a little bit to the imagination.

Classic Bra Shapes

Golden Rule #6

Women generally have a preference in bra styles based on bust size and shape. Some bras work better for smaller busts, while others are geared to larger cup sizes. Remember: When a woman feels comfortable, she feels sexy, so buy accordingly.


Balconette bras push the breasts up and together for a fuller, rounder appearance that creates maximum cleavage.


Like balconettes, these bras also push the breasts up, making them look fuller. While they’re suitable for any breast type, they’re more comfortable for women who are less endowed.

Long Line

Long-line bras smooth and elongate the torso and give a serious lift to smaller breasts.


Cupless bras provide a sultry, exposing the breasts while still providing support for a revealing look that’s perfect for the bedroom.


An outstanding choice for larger breast, plunge bras push the bust together to show off the inner curve and create the perfect cleavage for low-cut necklines.

Bralette (No Wiring)

Soft and yielding, bralettes are designed for comfort rather than support. They’re ideal for smaller breasts and perfect for layering underneath other garments.

Classic Panty Shapes

Golden Rule #7

When choosing panties, it's important to understand that while sultry styles may look fantastic, they’re not always designed with everyday comfort in mind.

Classic Briefs

Classic briefs feature a traditional figure-hugging shape that compliments the natural curve of the body to create a smooth line along the hips.


Boyshorts offer great coverage that smooths hips and creates rounder looking butt cheeks. They’re especially flattering to leaner body types.


Bikinis offer more coverage in back to create a heart-like shape, and less coverage in front to accentuate the pelvic bones.


Tangas elongate legs in the front and make the smooth the appearance of the hips with wide side straps.


Like tangas, thongs make legs look longer, but features thinner straps to compliment the shape of the buttocks.


G-string panties are comprised of a series of straps and feature a small triangle of coverage in front. As with thongs or tangas, a narrow back strap creates a magnificent rear view.


Crotchless panties are available in a variety of style options that leave your woman’s strategic sweet spots open for pleasure. While they do provide a daring, easy-access bedroom look that’s perfect for frisky play, they may not be entirely practical for everyday use.