Teddies and bodystockings, covering your entire body, make you poignantly sexy

Teddy and bodystockings

Soft, teasing lace, seductive transparency, tight fit, full support, breathtaking view. Too good to be true? But teddies and bodystockings do all that. Always flattering, easy to hide under clothes and fabulous when revealed in the bedroom.

A teddy is fantastic as everyday lingerie. Being a perfect piece, it solves a problem of matching the bra and panties. Hugging your body, it creates a beautiful shape and hides everything you don’t want showing with its tightness.

A bodystocking is like regilar stocking but covering the whole body. Stretching easily, it hides under clothes, making it a perfect choice. It's crotchless, so your sweet spots stay available. Browse our Lingerie Guide to learn more.

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