20 Do’s & Don’ts of Sex Toy Gifting

Forget about boring gift shops! Let yourself fool around and dig into our unique and pretty darn sexy gifts’ suggestions. Find a perfect gift on our site, but be sure to do it right!


1. DO get to know the person the gift is meant for.

Your relationship should stand on “close friends” and further.

2. DO give Kegel balls

Fitness obsessed people would gladly seize the opportunity to train those muscles, too.

Explore Kegel Balls

3. DO go for rabbit vibrators

Simultaneous stimulation of C and G-spot is delightful win-win.

Explore Rabbit Vibrators DO go for rabbit vibrators

4. DO add a right lube

Waterbased lubes are suitable for silicone toys, while silicone lubes work for glass.

Explore Lube

5. DO grant Power Queens with massagers and wands.

The picky ones would definitely enjoy a variety of attachments available.

Explore Massagers DO grant Power Queens with massagers and wands

6. DO choose bright colors, interesting shapes.

Toys should be perky, fun, and create a relaxing, playful mood.

7. DO pick couple's toys for couples.

It’s romantic and incredibly intimate, and would be considered as a compliment.

Explore Couple Toys

8. DO add a cleaning solution with your gift.

It's like giving batteries with a talking doll - common courtesy.

Explore Cleaning Solution

9. DO be considerate, give discreet toys to travelers.

They leave heavy things behind, but they don't have to leave their pleasure.

Explore Discreet Toys

10. DO add a discreet masturbator to his toy box.

Let's be real - no man would refuse to blow off some steam from time to time.

Explore Masturbator DO add a discreet masturbator to his toy box.


1. DON'T give intimate gifts without knowing the person well.

He may consider this gesture intrusive, and you don't want that.

DON'T give intimate gifts without knowing a person well

2. DON'T go too big.

It has to be a nice gift, not limit testing device. On average, we recommend а maximum length of 7 inches for internal stimulators.

3. DON'T choose strap-ons.

Unless you are ready to mix up the gender roles of your friends.

DON'T choose strap-ons

4. DON'T give silicone lubricants.

If you do, be sure it won’t be used with silicone toys - they are not compatible.

5. DON'T give penis pumps, extensions.

So you just assumed he has problems with these things?

6. DON'T pick too expensive or too cheap toys.

The first ones may oblige too much, the second ones may let him/her down.

7. DON'T give couple's toys to singles.

It would be inconsiderate, unless you'll add a partner along with the gift.

DON'T give couple's toys to singles

8. DON'T give and then ask how it worked out.

Unless you gave it to your Special Someone and you tried it together.

9. DON'T go too realistic.

Your gift should be pleasant, not shocking.

10. DON'T give sex toys in opened package.

These gifts are very intimate and should be touched only by the recipient.