6 Lazy Positions for Effortless Big O

Lazy and, oh so good, these positions are great for sensual intimacy after long workday, or if you just want to take it slow.

1. Great View, Easy Access

Great View, Easy Access

Starfish position allows for exciting views while opening her C-spot for extra stimulation with a vibe.

2. Delightfully Slow

Delightfully Slow

Swaying slow motions in classic Missionary are nirvana-ish. Use a couple’s vibe for extra stimulation.

3. Cuddle To Ecstasy

Cuddle To Ecstasy

Spider Web makes it comfortable for him and her with good C-spot contact while leaving your backdoor for exploration.

4. Delightful Awakening

Delightful Awakening

Sensual and cozy, the Spooning frees her most sensitive areas for loving caress. Keep a powerful body wand by your side for a toe-curling burst of pleasure.

5. Kiss Bliss

Kiss Bliss

Join your lips and kiss away in the Couch Cowgirl position. The sofa’s backrest is comfy to hold onto, and a vibrating love ring takes you both to heaven.

6. Easy Doggie

Easy Doggie

A pillow under her belly takes pressure off her limbs, while giving a benefit of better G-spot stimulation and a C-vibe enhanced access to her most pleasurable areas.

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