How To Choose The Strongest Vibrator To Shake Up Your World

How To Choose The Strongest Vibrator To Shake Up Your World

When it comes to power, some sex toys are definitely giving those superheroes a run for their money. With a multitude of intensity modes, with materials that are designed to convey as much robust vibration as possible, so mighty you may even consider using them through a blanket - these powerful vibrators can make you shoot orgasms in under 5 minutes. That is, if you can handle the intensity.

1What are the perks of superpowered vibrators?

Quick orgasms. You can literally shoot Os when a thunder-mighty vibrator is pressed to your clit, for example - coming and going, the orgasmic wave won't be far at any given time when intensity is that high.

Squirting. When the sensation is that strong, reaching the orgasmic heights becomes a piece of pie. You were doubting your ability to squirt? Well, you obviously haven't tried a power-drenched wand massager pressed to your hooha.

Forced Orgasms. Think you can only play hide-n-seek with orgasms? Nope, you can try dodgeball, too - when the sensations are so overbearing you can hardly even speak anymore, your partner can send another wave of intense vibrations your way. With mega powerful vibrators, this type of play is easy and comes naturally. That's also where the shaking knees come from.

Power Play. When there are forced orgasms, there is power play. Adding a touch of kink to your play, a superpowered vibrator can become a weapon of mass moaning in your arms. You can play with "punishment" and "reward", using the might of those vibration modes. Note - a little bondage would also come in handy.

2Choose the strongest rabbit vibrator

For the biggest win and the most astonishing solo experience, we go for a rabbit vibrator. Juiced with power, featuring at least two motors and many shockingly-orgasmic functions, this hoppy pleaser lays waves of robust power on the G-spot, while sending a big charge to the clit.

3Pick the most revved-up wand vibrator

We are now in the "duh" zone. If you are looking for a scandalously powerful toy, you look for a wand massager. They are notoriously strong, used for power play and forcing orgasms in the most classic sex scenes. And they are - to this day - one of the most coveted powerful toys on the market. No other toy can deliver such pure, unrestrained intensity of vibration - it can make the bed shake. Dig into this guide on how to choose and use wand vibrators.

Whether you are in the mood to use it alone, or you decided to invite the partner to use it on you, remember to adjust the intensity of the wand AFTER it touches your skin. That way you will be able to build up and get used to the power.

With higher intensity, your sensitivity may drop. Swap vibration modes from low to high to low to maintain sensitivity.

4Grab the mightiest pocket rocket

If you want power, but wand massagers are a bit big for your taste - no fear, there are pocket rockets. Packing a surprisingly strong punch for such a miniature body, pocket rockets convey thunder-power vibrations through the 3 small metal balls on their tips. Thanks to that unique design, pocket rockets are able to deliver the most intense, uncovered vibration that is not veiled by materials. Learn all there is to know about pocket rockets and their magic in this guide.

With such a pocket-friendly design, rocket vibrators are fabulous for power queens and kings who want their little something while on the run.

5Find the most robust dildo vibrator

How about we put that mad intensity inside? With dildo vibrators, you get the best of both worlds - a thick, delicious shaft you can ride as long as you want (unlike your ex) AND an array of madly strong vibrations that overflow that shaft, spilling out and inside of you. It's a cool chance of mixing classic lifelike thrusting with an intense buzz that is the stuff of dreams.

6Get the most power-drenched masturbator

Think strong vibration can only be in or out? With vibrating masturbators, we wrap the vibration around your penis, covering it with erotic sensations from base to tip. Again, it's the case of bringing the best of two - the welcoming realistic folds that feel so soft and warm suddenly become home for orgasm-luring vibrations. Once you dive inside the masturbator's tunnel, you can activate the vibration and build up the modes as you thrust.

7Select the most powerful P-spot massager

When your P-spot asks for some big fat pressure, you give it. When it still feels like it needs more, you go for extra strong vibration. Powerful prostate massagers send all their might to your little Ahh spot, filling it up with such an orgasmic potential you never knew it had. Want to become a pro at picking a prostate massager? Check this P-spot toys guide. In fact, vibration (especially mega strong vibration) is way more effective at inducing the so-called "dry orgasms" aka coming with no ejaculation, over and over again, than any metal or glass wand would ever be.

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