Guide To Temperature Play

Would you like to "spice up" your lovemaking? Then the temperature play is your cup of tea. Or ice tea? Get creative, follow the simple tips of our savvy guide, and experience with different degrees of passion with the coolest glass and metal sex toys.

Cool Temperature Play

Why Use Cooled Down Sex Toys?

Cooled sensations are cool, huh? Especially when you're hot and bothered, a fresh bite feels like an erotic charge sent through your body. Nerve endings become ultra awake, goosebumps add a thrill, and sensations become crispy. Also, a brilliant way to blow off some steam between the rounds, to regain that fresh perception.

How To Cool Down A Toy?

  • Take a bowl large enough to fit your gizmo.
  • Fill it with cold water, add ice cubes into the water if you want it colder.
  • Put your toy in the bowl and wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Test your cooled toy on forearm before using it.


Don't ever use the freezer to cool off your toys. When too cold, it can either be damaged itself or harm your skin.

Warm Temperature Play

Why Use Warmed-up Sex Toys?

Hot. Hotter. The hottest. The filling of warmth makes us relaxed - and aroused. A warm sex toy can draw more blood to the spurred area, engorging it, feeling with aching pleasure. Temperature play with warmed-up sex toys is a gateway to instant arousal and a heatwave of orgasms.

How To Warm Up A Toy?

  • Take a bowl large enough to fit your toy.
  • Fill a bowl with warm water that is not too hot.
  • Place your toy into the water for about 10 minutes.
  • Test it on your forearm before using it.


Avoid warming up your toys with boiling water - it’s the opposite of pleasure. Don’t warm them near the open fire - those are not marshmallows, and intense heating can lead to irreparable damage.

How To Choose A Toy For Temperature Play

“Heat Up” Your G-spot

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Glass Dildos. An ergonomically shaped G-spot dong made of borosilicate glass lets you achieve two orgasmic goals at once - it hits a bullseye on your G-spot and perfectly conduces warmth, heating up your pleasure spots from the inside making you feel so hot you will erupt in bursting G-spot orgasms.

Le wand bow
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Metal Wands. Sleek and smooth metal wands glide against the G-spot as easily as glass ones, but due to the weightiness of the metal, they provide more pressure and emit more warmth - or coldness to the G-spot. The smoothness of the firm metal pushing its way to your sweet bits will build up your arousal and make you closer to an O! with every move of a wand.

Go Into Heat During Anal Play

Flower butt plug
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Glass Anal Toys. Your booty is packed with ultra-sensitive nerve endings that are highly responsive to temperature play. So go ahead, give them a spur with a glass plug. Use it warm at first to ooze your backdoor to ecstasy, then switch to cooling for a mind-bending orgasmic chill.

Twisted gem
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Metal Anal Toys. Heavy and smooth metal butt plug slides into the booty with effortless grace, pressing all the sweet spots and delivering a delightful feel of weightiness and stretching. Metal doesn't take the temperature of the body as fast as glass toys, so it is perfect if you want to enjoy longer the sensations of coolness or warmth during your backdoor play.

Raise The Degree Of Your Strength With Kegels

Eden's glass ben wa balls
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Glass Kegels. Warmed up or cooled down, Kegels allow you to reach a new level of sensitivity and make your sexy workout more effective as the temperature play increases the blood circulation in the stimulated area. So your pelvic muscles contract more intensely, strengthen faster, and your orgasms become more intense.

Metal Kegels. Weighty metal Kegels are not for beginners, as to hold them inside, your pelvic muscles should be fit enough, but these balls pack a big punch in Kegel strengthening. Keeping these cooled or warmed weighty spheres inside, your muscles get the highest level of elasticity and strength and are ready to squeeze for intense orgasm on your whim.

Put The Words “BDSM” And "Temperature Play" Together

Metal Cuffs. What can give a more real taste of BDSM than a cool touch of the metal? Feeling the coldness of steel cuffs on submissive's hands is what will make your play anything but vanilla and so invigorating, it will cover your skin with goosebumps of excitement.

Entice passion wheel
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Passion Wheels. Wanna torment your Sub a little with some rough moves like scratching or biting? Rather than using your nails put a spin on your kinky play with a metal pinwheel. Lightly brush their skin with the roller to warm it up and once they are ready for more, press the cold metal against their hot skin to make them moan of delight, and - why not - leave a pair of sexy rose marks.

Tight squeeze clamps
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Metal Nip Clamps. The cool bite of the metal will keep your nipples super erect while the tantalizing weightiness of such clamps will pierce your body with a sweet mix of pleasure and pain.

Dona kissable massage candle
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Wax And Candles. The wax play is an advanced form of temperature play and one of the most erotic practices under the BDSM umbrella. The burning sensation of melting wax dripping on a hot skin is incredibly arousing. To make your play safe, opt for a massage candle that burns at a low temperature - its wax is hot enough to make you on fire but doesn't burn the skin.

Temperature Games With Toys With High-Tech Features

Warming Toys. Today, manufacturers let you enjoy the warmth of added arousal without actually putting your toy in warm water or involving fire into your game. There are products that have an amazingly realistic heating feature. Usually heating up to around 110°F, these toys either heat themselves up or aim the heat at your sweetest spots.

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Heating massagers for outer play make for ridiculously good sensations during, well, massage, bringing your orgasm out from deep within your body. Gently applying heat on your clit and nips - and wherever you want to put it - it aggravates your sensations. These heating wands are way more effective at easing the soreness in your muscles and, combined with their classic power, the heat kicks in for an orgasm so big you can't even.

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Heating masturbators engulf your shaft with seductive heat as you thrust inside, making the inner tunnel feel super real - and super honry and ready for you.

Intelligent P-spot massager
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Heating prostate massagers dive inside your booty to bring warming arousal between your buns - it's relaxing, which is always a bonus during anal penetration - and incredibly orgasmic, virtually speeding up the sweet release by prepping the muscles with warmth.

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