Best Vibrating Dildos That Are Must-Have & Must-Pound

Give yourself permission to enjoy the most livid, the most intense pleasure ever. With dildo vibrators, you get the creme de la creme of both worlds, mixing penetration with vibration. Buying a dildo vibrator is honestly a favour for yourself. Whether smooth or textured, realistic or funky-designed, a dildo’s length carries vibration wonderfully, delivering it to every corner of your body, filling you with orgasmic energy.

Dildo Vs Vibrator: Should You Even Choose?

When it comes to sex toys, it’s a common question of choosing between a dildo and a vibrator. We keep asking ourselves: “Do I need vibration to feel arousal?”, “Would vibration even feel good on the inside?” “Should we keep things separate and let vibration be a novelty and penetration simply reflect real life?” But in reality, the only question is “Does it bring pleasure?” And you know it does! So we won’t be in the business of choosing dildos vs vibrators - we want to have both.

Meet The 10 Best, Handsomest, Sexiest Vibrating Dildos

EdenFantasys has a lot of wonderful toys, but these bad boys stand out. Either their size, their design, their functions, or the whole - ahem - package makes each of these penis-shaped vibrators the unbeatable best.


The BBC Energy

The Big Boy is here for you if your fantasy is big, black, and gorgeous. Packing every detail in the realistic department - with the crown, veins and balls - he also features a mad powerful vibrating motor and a comfy built-in control pad.


The Vibrating Dancer

We all heard that dancing is a vertical equivalent to sex - this dildo vibrator lives it. All of his realistic features and rumbly vibration aside, it rotates and twists inside you, delivering an orgasmic massage that feels too sinful, too good.


The Cowgirl’s Dream

The suction cup on this mister is so strong that you’d sooner break the floor than him off of it. The “YeeHaw” amongst vibrating dildos, the Rowdy is made to be stuck to any surface and ridden until you arrive at Orgasmtown. And then again.


The Flawless Length

With Glamthrob, its simplicity is also the key to its lavishness. It seems so simple, so lacking any bells and whistles, but it is pure desire on a stick. No extra features, extra textures - it’s a length, covered in super high-end silicone, emitting earth-shattering vibrations.


The Chaotic Power

It’s almost dangerous how gorgeous the Orgasm Enforcer is. The power of his vibrating motor is overflowing and might be even too much to handle for a newbie. But his little clit-teasing wave and his beautifully thick length keep you coming back for more.


The Sex Machine

While technically a sex machine, the Spirit is a next-gen take on the product - it’s a portable, hideable thrusting dildo vibrator that defies the law of physics. The realistic shape of the shaft is positively mouth-watering, and the thrusting motion is unwavering, very steady and sexy.


The Mega

This super large monstrosity of a dildo is not here to play games - it is here to make you weep with pleasure. The way it overwhelms you with its size and its might is supreme, the way it makes you gasp for air as it pushes deliciously deep inside you - is priceless.


The Bouncing Babe

Really riding the dildo might be an athletic task not everyone is up to - unless you're riding the Bouncing dick vibrator. The bouncy cushion makes the up-and-down movement delightfully effortless, allowing you to rely on momentum.


The Double Entendre

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to the Dual End. This vibrating dildo is merciless, and the delectable feeling of double penetration sends you through the roof. Both shafts of this sex toy are thick and juicy and realistic, so you can easily imagine being shared between two lovers.


The Hands-free Thickness

Gorgeously thick and veined, the Playmate lets you take all of him in at any angle - the suction cup on this vibrating dildo is superior, whether on the floor, on the wall or even on the door. Thanks to the remote control, you get to control the Playmate's fervor as you aim for the biggest climax ever.

Things To Keep In Mind When Playing With Dildo Vibrators

Different sizes are good for different things - and length doesn’t have to go hand in hand with girth. If you are building up for bigger things, activate the vibration after the dildo is inserted; otherwise, it might get a little overwhelming.

Since many of them are very realistic-looking, these penis vibrators are very good are roleplaying. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Imagine it's your fantasy lover
  • Invite him to be a third in your couple’s threesome fantasy
  • Play cuckold with your partner and make him watch as you ride the dildo vibrator.

And they always, always feel better with lube.

So How to Choose Only One Vibrating Dildo?

Well, that’s simple - you choose more. As this beautiful list proves, there are no two identical dildo vibrators. Each is perfect in its own realm, good at doing its own thing. Whether you want it hard or deep, thick or tireless, partner or selfish - these handsome, veiny devils will deliver pleasure beyond words, leaving you breathless for hours.

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