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Please, Ma'am Please, Ma'am

Book by Cleis Press Inc.

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Please, Ma'am reviews

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12 reviews

I'm giving this book a 3 because I'm fairly ambivalent about the book. I didn't like it that much, but the writing was good. There's nothing WRONG with the book, it was simply not a turn-on.

I choose this book and Please Sir to give my wife and I ideas on how we can each be submissive to each other. Having only read this book so far, it was definitely helpful. Hot stories, not just hetero pairings, and varying plot. This book will be read again soon!

If female dominance and male submission turn you on, you will find something in this book for you. There are unique types of dominance that I had never heard of in these stories that introduced me to different aspects of this genre. All together, a solid collection of stories!

A good erotica anthology can be arousing, but it's even better when the power play of a man and a woman enters the picture. The control of a woman over a man, but with the remainder of that sweet tenderness two lovers share, is psychologically chilling and not to mention, completely sexy. For those who don't like the whips and chains of regular BDSM erotica, and want a fresh new twist to the gender roles in fetishism, Please, Ma'am will please both ma'ams and sirs guaranteed!

These women know what they want, and they demand it of their men; the men, are all too pleased to oblige their mistresses. 18 fabulous stories where women rule, and men take their punishments for not behaving, with a nice stiff erection. These stories are told from the male submissive's perspective, and are all pretty hot. If they don't turn you on, they are, at the very least, going to turn up the corners of your mouth.

Have you ever wondered what truly submissive men are really thinking and feeling? Wonder no more! Please, Ma'am offers many different viewpoints and wraps them all in engaging stories sure to fire your imagination.

Please Ma'am focuses on men being dominated and loving every second of it, whether they choose to admit it or not. Inside this book you'll find some great stories, all well written, and at the very least get yourself some ideas if you wanted to dominate your man and make him love every second of it.

I really enjoyed this book about male submission and female domination. All the females have one thing in common, they demand submission by the males in their lives. The stories take place at their homes, in clubs and shops, and even their places of employment. Each of the men in these stories tell of the women they serve with abandon and submission, and it makes for delicious reading!

Please Ma'am is a collection of extremely well written and carefully chosen stories featuring dominant women and submissive men that I wish had been longer. It reads easily and quickly and offers something for just about anyone, taking little trips into several other fetishes and areas of sexual exploration.

As erotica, this book is 100/10 excellent. Every single story was HOT. Whether the specific kink involved was to my taste or not, the writing style and the explanation and carryout of those kinks was extremely skillful and had the desired effect.

The activities in this book were too kinky for me and I did not enjoy it as much as I expected to. However, anyone who is already turned on by the kinkier aspects of male submission, like humiliation, servitude, and cross-dressing will be quite satisfied with this book. More specifically, this book is more directed towards a male audience who fantasize on being submissive. Since the back cover mentions that the title would make you crave for a woman that would dominate you, it will.

Please Ma'am is a great anthology that includes tons of hot, erotic stories - including one by Graydancer. The stories vary in length and content, but one thing is always the same: each one is a story about male submission.

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