Church and Dwight Naturalamb condoms - Male condom from Church and Dwight

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Naturalamb condoms Male condom by Church and Dwight
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The oldest kind of condoms on the market, these condoms have a much more natural feel than regular latex or polyurethane condoms. Made out of the lamb's intestinal membrane, they are effective against pregnancy but should not be relied upon to protect against STDs. The reason for this is because the condoms have small pores in them that the bacterias and viruses can pass through, but they can still prevent pregnancy because the pores are too small for sperm to pass through.

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    Condom size:
    Lambskin / Non-Latex

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    Customer comments

    • My husband and I love, love, love these condoms! Well... as much as you can love a condom, that is. We were so impressed the first time we used them. I noticed right away that I could feel temperature through them, whereas I couldn't with regular latex condoms. I really can't even tell that there's a condom on and I've never noticed a bad smell. He says they reduce sensitivity much less than regular latex condoms. They are, however, much more expensive and they don't protect against STDs, so they aren't for everyone.
    • get subcutaneous epinephrine injections handy or get this latex free condom!!!!
    • It is supposed to protect against pregnancy-just not against STD's. There's a difference.
    • this doesn't prevent against pregnancy or what is the point? i've heard that adds some kind of sensation for women...but honestly i think just getting rid of the condom entirely would be sensation enough.
    • Chocolate Hot Girl
      Chocolate Hot Girl
      The naturalamb brand condom is different from a latex condom.Because it is made from a natural membrane, you will find it has its own special feeling of sensitivity.Naturalamb brand condoms are lubricated with a unique "jelly-type" lubricant, and then rolled for your further comfort and convenience. Naturalamb brand condoms also have the exclusive Kling-Tite band at the top for added safety.This product is intended to help prevent pregnancy. It does not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). In order to help reduce the risk of transmission of many STDs, including HIV infection (AIDS), use a latex condom, such as Trojan Brand Latex Condoms and others.I love when my boyfriend use lambskin,ooh it feel like he's barley using anything!!
    • spicypisces
      These are the most natural-feeling condoms I've found. It's not quite as great as skin on skin, but damned close. My man and I love these. I'm latex-sensitive and polyurethane has given me trouble with breakage. Since we're both clean, these work great. Love them!
    • great!
      My hubby and I love this... feels natural
    • loveit
      my hubby and i love love love these!
    • whatsername
      My husband says this feels like using no condom at all! Too expensive for every time use, but totally nice every once in a while.
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    • anonymous
      These are great. sense my wife have been married we used latex condoms, everytime after we made love she would get a rash from the latex. But when we found naturalamb condoms. When can enjoy multiple times without here feeling it later.
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